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What I can see is the Mazda 6 driving along a mountainside road. The scenery behind the car is blurred to the direction the car is going, the right: this suggests the speed of the car is fast. This is because when in a car witch is driving at a fast speed the nearby surroundings start to blur as the speed increases. Also there are leaves flowing over the car, suggesting the shear gracefulness of the Mazda 6 and also could be hinting towards it possessing a calm elegance even at top speeds. Therhermore the flowing over the car could be relating back to how the Mazda 6 is in harmony with the earth, because in the small print of the advert it boast- ' that will make a difference to the environment'.

Image I noticed that there are a lot of greens used in the Image; this gives it a very countryside orientated fell and also a 'green earth' passona, which then later relates to the slogan- 'It won't cost the earth'. The image takes up around three quarters of the page and is placed above all the title the slogan and the additional information, thus ensuring that the car is the first thing the audience sees, and not the less interesting, less eye-caching paragraph of information.

Therthermore the angle of the car plays a key role in grabbing the audiences attention, in this case it is angled so that the audience gets a good view of the side and the back of the car, this gives a descent idea of what the car looks like as whole. Also this angle could relate to what a pedestrian would see as the car comes 'Zoom-Zooming' past. Additionally the image has been edited on a computer to ensure that the car itself is in perfect focus and the background is blurred. This is because it would be impossible to take a normal picture like this, because the car would also be blurred. This would mean the audience gets a less clear view of the car. So as a result, they are less impressed with the clarity and crispness of the Mazda 6.

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Slogan The slogan is: It won't cost the earth'. This situated at the top of the image of the car; this normally is where a title would be placed on a letter or piece of writing, thus suggesting how critical the slogan is. The slogan has a double meaning, the first one is Mazda 6 is not going to cost a large amount of money, because that is probably thinking, due to its sporty look. The second meaning is the Mazda 6, with its 'lower fuel emissions' is that it will be less damaging to the environment, as some sports cars are seen as doing.

This double meaning is a very effective way of advertising; this is because it gives the audience two pieces of information at the same time. This not only gets across two pieces information quickly, it also intrigues the audiences with its double meaning. Copy The additional text that is featured in the advert is in the following order down the page: 1. Name (Mazda 6) 2. Price ( 14,600) 3. Specifications 4. Fuel consumption It is in this order for a specific reason: to draw the audience further and further in by progressively giving more and more information stage by stage. In other words, the reader is being slowly convinced.

Also the text that is placed under the under the price of the car has numerous persuasive elements, for example the persuasive language when the audiences is told the Mazda 6 was the winner of the Auto Express Driver power survey. The persuasive language here is 'Crowned the winner'. The word crowned relates to how a king is crowned over all others, so this wording is used to suggest how the Mazda 6 has been crowed superior to all other cars. This is effective in convincing the audience because something that is superior to all its competitors tends to be more desirable, as people strive to attain the best possible product were exchanging there money is concerned.

Font The font witch is used the slogan is noticeable not because it is colourful, not because it is stylish, but because it is simple; this uncomplicated font ties in with the simplicity of the message- 'It wont cost the earth'- and that, quite frankly, is all that is required. Additionally this font sets up the audience mentally to take onboard this straightforward message. Target audience The target audience in this advert is a male/female who is looking for a slightly sportier concept car, but who at the same time is concerned about the environment. The target age would be 21-65, the lower part of this would is likely to be engrossed to the sporty side of the car whereas that latter half is most likely to be concerned to the claim that the car is a good thing for the environment.

Caption The caption is placed directly under the image of the Mazda 6, it says-'The new Mazda 6 Diesel, Soul of a sports car from 14,600' .The word soul is used to relate to a human soul, because people usally refure to there soul being inse there body, as with the Mazda 6 the message is being conveyed that aloth it may not have a fully sporty exteror, within it has the insides of a sports car.

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