Amish Culture

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This means that the husband has control over his wife and the decisions and orders he makes are the ones that she must stick by. Amiss women also are the primary caretakers of the home and also school the children. While this Is not the case In Australian culture; In most cases both men and women are seen as equals In Australian culture even though men (In certain cases) are paid more than women. Marriage Isn't required; It's something two people In the Australian culture choose to do. When a couple chooses arraign they still have equal rights In the relationship and both can make decisions together.

Females in the Australian culture are responsible for more decisions and men are now taking on more chores and other chores that were traditionally viewed as female roles. The Amiss culture is based on simplicity and religion, their lives are made to be as simple and natural as possible whilst obeying the bible at all times. In the Amiss culture women are to wear solid colored dresses that cover most of their kin, an apron and bonnet with their hair tied back and no Jewelry is to be worn.

Women are not to tempt men as their natural beauty and simplicity is what attracts an Amiss man, Amiss men wear long pants and shirts, hats and grow beards. In the Amiss culture they do not allow photographs to be taken of them because they believe that drawing attention to them is a sin. The Amiss aim to maintain farms and earn their money through their farms as a lifestyle and an occupation. Whereas, Australian culture is largely made up of individuality and opportunity.

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Being different to one another and standing out is encouraged, dress code in the Australian culture is entirely made up on what one feels like wearing. Hair color, the way one dresses and the jewelry worn is up to a person to express themselves. Every day in the Australian culture there are new opportunities and different paths that lead to deferent ways of life, every day can be completely different to the one before. Amiss are ultra conservative Christians who try to follow the Bible instead of worldly society around them.

The bible is the Mamma's major source of power and authority and Amiss communities are influenced by their church with minimal Influence from the 'English World' (outside world) with other religions being unaccepted. At the age of 14-16, a child gets to decide whether they would Like to be baptized back Into the Amiss community or Instead leaves the community to Join the English World at the opportunity of a Reemergence. Most decide to enter the Amiss community with a baptism but If they do not they are shunned from their previous community.

If baptismal vows are broken then that leads to a member of the community to being shunned. When a member of the community Is shunned It means that they have been excommunicated with the church so that means that they cannot eat or ride with Shunning is a way of punishment to the Amiss for breaking rules because the Amiss community is all that one has after being baptized and being shut out from everything and everyone you love makes them learn their lesson. Males in the family are the main sources of power, as fathers are the primary authoritative figure.

Decisions are made solely by the father with authority rarely changing. Australians are worldly, all religions are accepted and in most cases in a family both parents have power, authority and decision making over the family. Not all Australians are Christians or are religious at all in that case, meaning that not everyone is baptized. Even if someone in the Australian culture is baptized does not mean that they have to live by the bible. Each Australian has the opportunity to live whichever way they would like to including their religion, occupation and status.

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