Alcohol Use Disorders

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The amount of written and published materials about alcohol and alcohol related disorders continue to grow everyday because the role of these written output is to chronicle how human society is moving forward alongside medical and psychological development that can handle the cases that come up in line with people and the psychological and mental dilemma they face after breaching the limits of excessive alcohol intake.

Reflected in the paper are either opinions of specialists or products of intensive study in the part of the specialist.

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This paper is designed to capture as much information as possible that can lead to the continuation of the building block process required in the continued creation and improvement of socially shared knowledge, and today, Internet and magazine articles, private journals as well as news and professional journals in the field of medicine, psychiatry and psychology are consistently fulfilling the role they are designated for. Basically, the paper is geared so that people can know more.

This paper gave a very short description about alcohol and its role in the society, as well as in our health – how it is being abused and taken in excess and what are its repercussions to health, especially in the mental soundness of a person. The paper included in its discussion the salient points of Kalapi's arguments and the newfound analysis on the changing behavior of college students and the fading concept of controlled drinking.

The paper will also discuss published works and related stories about alcohol and anxiety disorder as well as kids who are suffering from ADHD and how alcohol intake can gravely affect them in their lives sooner or later.

Mental health and alcohol intake and the impact of some of the drugs given to patients to cure mental problems and how it affects the patients are also discussed in the paper, along with concerns that involve alcohol and disorders in sleeping such as the sleep related breathing disorder or SRBD.

Introduction – The Institute of Alcohol Studies labeled alcohol as the second most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world because of the promise of the alcohol’s after effects.

Since the beginning of the establishment of the sciences and field of medical specializations that are capable of studying and analyzing the impact of alcohol in the mental health of the people, the influx of inputs backed with medical and scientific proofs extracted through acceptable and reliable means have been consistent, enabling modern day professionals to constantly remind the people about the possible mental health risk they might face especially with uncontrolled intake of alcohol in huge dosages.

Every year, new information about alcohol related disorders pertaining to mental health are made available, and the purpose of this paper is to provide a collated and descriptive database of the new and updated information about alcohol.

According to an Institute of Alcohol Studies paper, problems on alcohol and mental health have a close relationship with each other, 'people with mental health problems are at raised risk of alcohol problems and vice versa' (IAS, 2007). Something that has to do with this partly is because of the intertwined nature of the two.

One of the most common reactions of mentally bothered individuals is to resort to a means wherein he or she is free to recreate the world, something which is easily done with the help of alcohol, while some excessive drinkers are experiencing an altered world because of the toxicity of the body from the high level of alcohol intake.

There are many reasons why, and some of which may include the fact that alcohol intake for some is an act that can enable a person to cope with whatever problem he or she is experiencing at the moment, which includes depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, manic- depressive illness and even schizophrenia.

Alcohol Related Disorders is one of the many disorders included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision, or simply the DSM-IV-TR.

Indicated in the DSM-IV-TR under the topic Alcohol Related Disorders are several other sub topics that talk about alcohol related disorders, namely the following: Abuse, Dependence, Induced Anxiety Disorder, Induced Mood Disorder, Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder, Induced Persisting Dementia, Induced Psychotic Disorder, With Delusions, Induced Psychotic Disorder, With Hallucinations, Induced Sexual Dysfunction, Induced Sleep Disorder, Intoxication, Intoxication Delirium, Related Disorder NOS, Withdrawal and Withdrawal Delirium.

Because of the scope and breadth of the discussion alcohol related disorder, the paper will try its best to exhaust every possible source to bring to light updated and published works that present new and updated information regarding the development in the different fields of science that directly or indirectly affects one or every alcohol related disorder topic.

New Findings about Alcohol-Related Disorders - Alcohol, alcoholism and the resulting physical and social impact brought about by concerns stemming from the uncontrolled and unchecked use of alcohol is the reason why specialists in different fields are working non-stop in trying to find answers and remedies to prevailing questions and problems that directly involve alcohol consumption and alcoholism.

Practicing professionals as well as academicians take an important role in the task of updating the data bank of the collective societal consciousness with regards to the newest information involving mental and psychological health and alcohol consumption and dependence.

These information are sometimes handed over to the people in the next echelon who are capable of mass communication like media entities and school teachers and instructors, as well as health service personnel and non-government organizations that are geared in helping the society cope with the persisting problem of alcoholism, trying to keep its impact on the society and its people (and their health) to a modest minimum.

This paper is geared in presenting a collection of new and update findings that focuses and affects the problems on alcohol-related disorders in the hope that these new information can help the readers be more informed of such types of disorders, how they can be checked and detected, how it can be avoided and how it can be cured.

The information included in this paper includes notes on the paper and talk of Elissavet Kapaki, through the work Alcoholic dementia: myth or reality? which was published online on 2006.

Information about the published study of William R. Yates, M.D. on August 23, 2007 about Anxiety Disorders in the Emedicine WebMD website, as well as the useful information from Steven Gans, MD regarding the impact of alcohol and the risk of suffering from alcohol related disorders among children suffering from ADHD syndrome in the article published May of this year, are also included in this paper.

The paper also notes how the increase in cases of excessive beer drinking among college students and how it impacts the students’ psychological frame of mind, as mentioned in the article ‘Binge drinking, pill abuse intensify at colleges’, a  March, 2007 article from the Associated Press and published by the search engine MSN in partnership with NBC (MSNBC).

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