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Aids prevention and transmission

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HIV/Aids prevention refers to all measures put by individuals or groups such as governments, non-governmental sectors, as well as other types of organizations towards the containing of the disease from spreading and attacking more people. Usually preventive efforts have one goal, to halt or bring to considerably low levels, the spread of the disease. HIV/AIDS is transmitted through contact with the body fluids of an infected to open body parts of another person.

The fact that, the disease is a serious threat to national economies especially in Africa is highlighted by a recent study by (CDC, 1999) which indicated that, some African governments were spending close to 20% of their national GDP income on Aids related programs (Wolitski, Janssen, Holtgrave, & Peterson, 2004). This is saddening viewed against the backdrop that, many of the developing countries who are, unfortunately the worst affected by the Aids scourge do not have enough capital to finance their national budgets leave alone affording to spend so exorbitantly on Aids related issues.

Prevention measures. In order to deal with the problem in a better way, the World Health Organization has come up with programs aimed at specifically dealing with the problem. Such measures involve provision of funds to sponsor specific governments efforts towards Aids prevention, provision of free anti-retroviral drugs, advocacy, as well as through promotion of sex education. So as to better address prevention of the disease, a better understanding of HIV/AIDS is crucial. As noted by, Mason, Noble, Lindsey, et al. 1988), modes of transmission include, direct contact with an infected person’s blood or serum which happens especially when a HIV positive person engages in unprotected sex with another person. This is the most prevalent transmission mode and as a result, it has been a subject of research for many researchers. Other transmission methods include, from mother to baby, which occurs during birth by an infected mother, as well as during breast feeding. Un-sterilized syringes are also are a common means of blood transmission especially if the syringes are used in multiple instances.

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Aids prevention and transmission

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Blood transfusion is also another common mode of transmission in many places. This happens in cases whereby blood is not properly screened before transfusion and therefore, contaminated blood ends up being transfused. Prevention Programs In the US, many of the prevention programs have targeted the minority groups as well as young people in high schools and colleges. This is especially the case due to the ample evidence suggesting the groups to be more vulnerable to the scourge.

For instance, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has initiated many projects targeting specifically the young people which train them in self protection, as well as Aids awareness programs which increase the awareness of the disease to help those who think the disease is a myth. Other programs include the provision of contraceptives such as condoms which research has shown to be one of the most effective prevention measures after abstinence. Other prevention programs currently in the US include, Diffusion of Effective Behavior Interventions (DEBI), which targets the youth by advocating for positive behavior change.

Conclusion. The key to prevention of HIV/Aids lays in the initiation of prevention programs as discussed above. Prevention is the best cure so far to Aids and therefore the government should offer more funds towards prevention programs. There is a need for all stakeholders join efforts and fight the scourge. Further research is also necessary to ensure that, more knowledge is amassed on better methods of fighting the disease. With collaboration from all stakeholders, the fight against HIV/Aids is likely to be won and therefore this will afford governments’ funds to carry out other functions such provision of basic right to citizenry.

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