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This is a provision whereby a prisoner earns a stipulated remission for his sentence each month. For normal prisoners there is a provision of 6 days per month of remission. For prisoners who are involved in some works inside the jail during Sundays, this amounts to 7 days. Also, for some prisoner who shows some leadership in various administrative activities inside the jail, there is provision of 8 days per month of remission. The remission earned are accumulated and recorded in Remissions earned record book quarterly.

CHECK DATE: On completion of two-third of the stipulated sentence the records of a particular prisoner are reviewed and updated for total remission earned. The cumulative remissions earned are then subtracted from the stipulated full sentence and a fresh release date is then allocated. The review date of two-third sentence is called Check-date. A separate register is maintained for the check date.

The total jail stay of the under trial prisoner is adjusted against the total sentence as per the ruling of the court. Accordingly a check date is prepared for them. RELEASE: At the beginning of the month the check date register is reviewed and the coming releases for the month is extracted from it. Accordingly, a release list for the next day is prepared and the respective prisoner is informed. At the release, the prisoner is provided with a release certificate. This certificate contains details of the sentence, duration of the stay and the amount of work done by the prisoner in the jail.

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As indicated before, a considerable amount of time and resources are currently devoted to the Admissions process. The entire process is conducted manually. The implementation of an Information System will serve the objective of facilitating a much smoother and efficient process. This is true not just in the admissions activity, but for an entire end to end Prisoners' record keeping system. It would avoid redundancies, multiple/incorrect data entries and keep track of the prisoners' activities within.

It would greatly reduce the number of personnel required to administer the system as compared to the present system. The automation process will also be useful in maintaining an updated health record of the prisoners. Various features incorporated in the Information System would ensure a fast and easy accessibility of data, which would ultimately result in more efficient processes. The organization will have a distinct cost and strategic advantage once the system is implemented.


The major constraint in the IS development is in terms of the appointment and training of personnel. Also, being a central government institution, clearances and funding would be required from the government apparatus to implement the project. There would be considerable infrastructural requirements in terms of computers to be purchased and an IS framework to be laid. The current plan is to appoint an external administrator to supervise the system, but in time, in house personnel could be trained to use and manage the system.


This Functional Specification will describe the requirements of Project Jailbird which aims at implementation of a automated Prisoner Management System at Central Jail, Indore. All necessary testing will be conducted, in order to satisfactorily prove the software changes for each of the business requirements which are specified within this functional specification. I have reviewed the functional specification for Project Jailbird. I agree that the specification accurately and completely defines the requirements of this change.

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