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The Effective Management of a Diverse Workforce in Florida

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Living in south Florida and attending Florida Atlantic University, we are surrounded by such a unique diverse population and student body. We have so many different cultures, backgrounds, and religions going on all around us. This can include as well as our workplace, Throughout all of the jobs I have ever had here in Boca Raton, it has always been extremely diverse wherever I go, I believe it is a wonderful thing to be brought around so many different cultures and backgrounds. According to a recent demographic analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center, by 2055, the US, will no longer have a single racial or ethnic majorityt In the workplace, some key business reasoning for effective management of a diverse workforce can include the following. According to an article from PeopleScout, prioritizing communication can be a top key reason for effective management. This is to properly communicate any rules, procedures, policies, etc.

Also, treating each employee as an individual is important, as well as encouraging employees to work in diverse groups together. Furthermore, being open-minded to “recognize and encourage employees to acknowledge one’s experience, culture or background” is valuable to the workplace. When hiring in the workplace, PeopleScout states that it is crucial to recruit and hire talent from all different backgrounds, “If organizations can break through bias and hire the most qualified people, those with the right education, credentials, experience and skill sets, a diverse workplace should be the natural result” (PeopleScout). Working in multiple different industries so far, I love working with such a diverse team of others. Being raised in Boca Raton and going to school with kids my whole life from other countries, islands, backgrounds and cultures have been an amazing opportunity for myself to learn what else is out there in the world, I think that being open-minded today is super important in terms of diversity. Culture is a beautiful and wonderful thing!


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