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About Showing Talents

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Variety show is about showing talents and skills using creative minds. It is a way of entertaining people and getting socialize to other persons that are new and close to you. It is also a way in improving a person’s self –confidence and to help a person in getting socialize and interact with other people. When we start practicing for our variety, we encounter so many problems like misunderstanding and lack of cooperation but it didn’t affect our performance . Instead we do our best to have a wonderful and creative show. We prepare so many things to entertain our audience like we have fire dance, band, modeling and other things.

When we started to performed in front of so many people we feel nervous and happy because all of our efforts and talents are can be share and shown to other people. All of classmates are cheering to each one of us to give strength and to help boost each of one’s self-confidence. At the end of our show you can see from their faces that they are truly happy with what they done for the variety show, you can see to each one of us the laughter and the tears in getting flat one grade in our variety show. For me our show was totally great and worth remembering for although we had so many mistakes in our performance.

I realize so many things after our variety show that we need to arrive early to have much time in preparing for our variety show and when you are performing in front, you must focus on audience faces . The audience should be the central focus of everything you do. Don't go over their heads unless it's the only thing keeping you upright. Make eye contact, smile at them, and feed of that energy . I enjoyed very much our first variety show in college and I would really treasure it for the rest of my life. Submitted by: Leedee Liane S. Carbonilla

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