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Showing Off (Short Essay)

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Essay by Mariss Kaminskis Showing off. Showing off is a way to tell people about something good you own or are capable of, for example, do a backflip. In the story, to my way of thinking, Clara did not show off. But since the teacher said i can write about showing off, i will write about it. Showing off can be seen everywhere and about everything, for example, sports or even lawn mowing. Most people show off to impress someone or just to show how cool and awesome you are.

It’s almost like bragging but in this case you can really do it not just tell people what you can do. If you want to tell about something amazing you own you can actually show that thing to that person. For example- I have a TV with a 42 inch diagonal. If you come over I can show you. The most common field where you see showing off is sports. Hockey players show off, football players show off, basketball players show off, all kinds of athletes show off. Mostly they show off their skills.

Let’s take a popular football player –Cristiano Ronaldo. He just adores showing off his dribbling skills on the pitch. Most popular basketball player – LeBron James. He just loves to shoot the ball in the basket without missing for a long time. Popular hockey player – Pavel Datsyuk. Probably the most skilled player ever. He can’t live without his skill moves to get pass defenders. So showing off is just a way to look awesome. I don’t like those people who show off or brag. But I do own a TV with a 42 inch diagonal... I really do!

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Showing Off (Short Essay) essay

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