A Time Someone Acted with Courage or Cowardice

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There have been numerous times when time has chosen to test society, and man has been put to the task of deciding to stand and fight, or to escape for the sake of his life. Across the pages of history, we can find examples of people who have opted to stand and fight, as well as of those who have decided to run for their lives. Those who choose to stand and fight become immortal in the memories of people.

On the eleventh of September 2001, America was tested and the citizens were put in the most hardest of times. It was a time that called for the bravery that lies in hearts that are truly brave.

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Several people panicked and chose to jump to their deaths rather than burn in the buildings. Yet, there were people who chose to walk into death’s arms for the sake of their duty to their nation and to their fellow men. There were a few people who chose to run into the smoking and burning buildings as fires blazed simply so that they could free people as many people as they could from the clutches of death.

One such brave man was Port Authority Police Officer John Mc Loughlin who chose to risk his life so that he could save the lives of as many people as he could. He was one of the few who chose to attempt to climb higher and higher up the building while the panic stricken people chose to take any escape route they could to save their lives. He risked his life so that he could save other people’s lives.

Police Officer John Mc Loughlin was busy patrolling the Port Authority bus terminal when he saw the plane that hit the north tower pass over him. He was amongst the first few who reacted to the news and commandeered a team of Police Officers into the burning tower.

Once inside, Police Officer John Mc Loughlin and his team were confronted with times they had never thought they would have to go through. He led a team of fellow officers Jimeno, Dominick Pezzulo, and Antonio Rodrigues. Out of whom only Jimeno and McLoughlin managed to survive. His was one of the first teams to have entered into the tower in an attempt to save the lives of as many people as they could by helping them evacuate.

By walking into that burning and collapsing tower, Police Officer John Mc Loughlin walked into the face of death and came out alive to tell the tale. Police Officer John Mc Loughlin was regarded as one of the men who showed the most bravery at the time when the American people were in a state of shock and the world stood stunned.

One cannot help but feel that the first few who chose to fight back at the moment when the attacks took place were those who ran into the towers after the attack had taken place. The towers were crumbling down and people were choosing to jump off the roof tops and out the windows, yet there were men who were brave enough to risk their lives and chose to walk towards an epicenter of distress and pain from where the rest of the world was wanting to run away from.

These men and women were America’s first move against terrorism’s attack on humanity, and one of these brave men was Police Officer John Mc Loughlin. Numerous tributes have been given to Police Officer John Mc Loughlin, one of the most prominent off which is the elaboration of his role through his character in the 2006 movie World Trade Center, played by Nicholas Cage (Stone, 2006).

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