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How to Make Someone Like You

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How to Make Someone like You You may wonder why someone is always able to turn the spotlight on themselves and make others under their charm. Are they born to be attractive? Or do they have magic power to remain popular? Actually, attention can be shifted to the word “LIKE” itself. It consists of four parts, “L” representing “listener”, “I” coming to “interaction”, “K” referring to “kindness” and “E” standing for “excuse”, which are qualities of great significance to make someone fond of you. To make someone like you, you should try to be a good listener.

That means giving ear to different opinions when you disagree with other people on a certain matter. You should appear to be patient and friendly. Do not argue, but discuss. Make efforts to exchange your ideas and show respect towards others’ stance. In addition, avoid being talkative and stubborn when expressing your perspective, which will definitely arouse others’ disgust. What you should always keep in mind is that do not allow disagreement to disrupt your relationship. To make someone like you, you should maintain a good interaction with others. It requires you to seek the same interest.

If you have the same interest, you are bound to find a lot to say, which is conducive to liven up your conversation. If you have the same interest, just invite someone to join you in some activities, seizing the precious opportunity to know each other, to help each other and to appreciate each other. If you have the same interest, savor it and treasure it to strengthen your bond. To make someone like you, you should show your kindness. Smile is the basic expression of kindness. A smile is a magnet which closes your distance. Smile at someone and you are sure to get a smile in return, which will make both of you feel at ease.

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Sometimes, just a smile can make a difference. On top of that, you should be willing to offer help. It is obviously an effective way to show care for others as a warm-hearted person. They can sense your goodwill and gratitude will swell their hearts. By the way, occasionally you could ask for help to make others feel valued as well as promoting mutual trust. To make someone like you, you should learn to excuse others. It is inevitable that everyone has its own shortcomings, which will be magnified if you get closer. Under the circumstances, you need to control your temper and try to forgive them.

Moreover, you should spare no efforts to find others’ shining points. Do not take a one-sided view and attempt to be free from prejudice to everybody. After all, you need to like others if you want them to like you. You may find it difficult, if not that hard, to make someone fond of you. However, it is not realistic to expect everyone to like you. What you should do is to treat others genuinely. Tactics may help you be welcome in the short run, but sincerity is the everlasting way to satisfy others, to move others and to let others accept you heartfully.

How to Make Someone Like You essay

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Psychological TRICKS to Make People LIKE You IMMEDIATELYBuild Rapport. Tony Robbins, one of the most famous success coaches in the world said in many of his seminars that in order to get people to like you, Express Positive Energy. Let’s face it, nobody likes to be with someone who is negative and often complain, condemn, or criticize others.Be Loving and Kind. Have a Sense of Humor.

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You never initiate conversations or texts. Instead, they are always the one to contact you.You often feel like responding to them is an obligation and not something you’re excited to do.They always make plans for the two of you. You rarely think of them when they aren't around.

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This can be embarrassing, but you can do it and save face.#1 Be direct. This is the best advice I can give. #2 Share how you feel. Yes, sharing how you feel is a vulnerable thing to do, but in this case, it may just be necessary. #3 Let them know your intentions. #4 Tell them what made you question them. #6 Be confident. #7 Listen. #8 Text. #9 Remain calm. #10 Thank them for their honesty.

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You'll like your Android phone better if you change these settingsSettings to improve battery life. Turn off auto screen brightness or adaptive brightness and set the brightness level slider to under 50%.Dark mode is your friend. Keep your home screen free of clutter. Set up Do Not Disturb. Be prepared if you lose your phone.

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