A Study on the Effects of Brand Awareness on Adolescent Decision Making

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Last Updated: 13 May 2023
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The main purpose and goal of this research paper are to critically investigate the impact of brand awareness on teenage decision-making and loyalty. In the modern days, an image of a brand is a vital tool when it comes to attracting attention to very new customers. Also, maintaining the image is as important to the loyal customers as creating it. The market in today's world is very competitive which leaves the companies with no choice but to be knowledgeable of their customers' needs, wants and also the preferences (Gounaris, 2004).

To maintain competition then every company must have full information about their customer's preferences at their database. The study shows that 80% of the youth in the world purchase products because of the brand image. Be it through the advertisement or referrals from friends who are closely affiliated with the product. From the research, the paper sheds light on the expectations of teenagers from a brand, what makes them switch from one brand to another and the factors that lead to the switching.

In this study, it is important to determine the impact of a teenager buying opinion on each extent of a brand value and the impacts of these extents on the loyalty of the brand with great concern. The data in this paper was drawn from both secondary and primary sources. From interviews and questionnaire, which primarily very instrumental in this paper, data was collected.

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The methodology chapter which happens to be the first part of the thesis is with clarification of the methods used for research process is explained. The credible argumentation of approved methods is introduced. Moreover, the process of collecting data is described and the familiar process of investigation with the contemplation of techniques applied is outlined.

In getting deeper, an introduction of a theory gets to be handy when it comes to the four elements definition. The components are; saw the quality, mark mindfulness, mark devotion and brand affiliations which assume an imperative part with regards to the production of the picture of the brand. Teenager behaviors when it comes to purchasing are applied which serves as a plus tool to ascertain the observations made during the research (Wang, 2004). The findings in the conclusion chapter are presented lastly. An exhaustive discussion on the preferred limitations and theories used in the investigation are presented. Alternatives for more investigations are discussed too.

When it comes to creating awareness among the teenagers then branding plays an important role. Branding is vital when it comes to consumption of a product be it the teenager or general customers. Strengthening of a product heavily depends on the brand awareness done on it. To create a vivid picture in the customer's mind then the branding needs to be outstanding and unique from any other brand. For branding to succeed then the product or service provider needs to understand the wants of the customer, in this case, the teenager (Lazarevic 2012). To succeed in branding, the service or product provider should create a picture in the teenager's mind that they are the only provider of the service or product. The uniqueness of a brand helps it when it comes to the recognition of the product or service in the market.

When a product retains consistency then the product is easily recognizable making the service or product easy to purchase. Familiarity plays a great significance as it helps the teenagers easily remember the product especially if the service or product is of high quality. Branding eliminates unnecessary competition. Globalization having taken over the business world, effective branding helps a company standing out from the rest of organizations that are similar in terms of business. Referrals are generated from strong branding. The teenagers are easily influenced by others who brag about their identity through different brands (Knight, 2007). By word of mouth, awareness is created and the influence spreads from one person. Research shows that 85% of the teenagers have said are largely influenced by comments from individual recommendations.

The branding, therefore, helps when it comes to remembering of a product or service. At the point when a purchaser wants to purchase or buy an item or a service, the primary brand that surfaces in his mind are considered to have a higher brand mindfulness in him. This perception is upheld by the exploration that expressed that more elevated amount of brand mindfulness has an impact on buyers particularly on their obtaining choice. Brand mindfulness is additionally the reason and an element why an item which has an abnormal state of this mindfulness, as a rule, have a higher piece of the overall industry and have a higher assessment regarding quality from the eyes of the buyers.

At the point when teenagers likewise select or purchase an item, they think additionally about their apparent image mindfulness and quality (Dick, 1994). This impression of value ordinarily encourages the teenager customer to build up a subjective judgment with respect to the general item quality which thus makes an item hold a huge separation and hence turn into the chose mark remaining in the mind of the shoppers

Then again, client dependability can be measured as the degree into which teenagers are faithful to a particular brand over some undefined time frame, which means predictable repurchasing of a similar item or service. Client faithfulness is generally the consequence of enthusiastic connection to a specific brand, normally determined by love and responsibility.

They additionally included that this warmth is generally created in a comparative mold like building up a kinship. In this respects, it is then comprehended that organizations and organizations must make mark mindfulness and dependability for their items (Sasmita, 2015). Researchers say that it ordinarily takes much more cost to draw in the new client than keeping up with the old one. In connection to this, a renowned researcher proposed that the cost of drawing in another client is higher than keeping up their dependability.

This means there will be less cost with respect to the organizations and organizations concerning their items and administrations that have high brand mindfulness and reliability according to buyers. This examination paper at that point will attempt to gauge whether the mindfulness truly affects the teenager purchaser's acquiring choice and reliability. This paper will also attempt to explore this promoting marvel by attempting to discover whether teenager purchase items as indicated by their image mindfulness and dependability Purpose of the study

This specific research will concentrate on the impacts and effectiveness of brand mindfulness on youngster's buying choices and reliability. The after effect of this investigation at that point is viewed as helpful for organizations and organizations intending to assemble mark mindfulness for their items and administrations. Additionally, the outcome will enable organizations to figure out what makes a brand mindfulness that catches the dedication of the teenagers (Mourad, 2011). As per the most recent report from the Statistics Bureau in U.S., it is assessed that the number of teenagers is 41 million in number. On the off chance that organizations and organizations can successfully market to this kind of shopper, it would already be able to spell accomplishment to them.

The consequence of this study at that point will be useful to the organizations and organizations in making compelling methodologies in building brand mindfulness for their items and administrations. The after effect of this study additionally will be useful to understudies and educators of showcasing courses considering brand mindfulness is a typical subject that they for the most part attempt to explore and talk about.

The consequences of this study at that point will give them genuine and most recent research regarding this matter hence including as far as anyone is concerned promoting hypotheses and applications (Feltham, 1998). The consequence of this investigation at that point will, later on, help them in creating advertising procedures once they are as of now in the position to do as such in any organization or organizations they happen to work in. Setting for the Study

The general goal of this examination is the exploration the effect of brand mindfulness on teenagers acquiring choices and loyalty. The study will be done as a major aspect of the information accumulation as to teenagers. Perceptions and Interviews will be led by two specialists in the accompanying fields: showcasing and advertising. Research questions

The study utilized after research addresses that were intended to answer crucial crevices in the current writing on the subject advancement and assessment of marking towards youth customers to manufacture mark faithfulness (Veloutsou, 2009). Each inquiry was made in the wake of exploring the current data on the point so as to obtain extra germane and fundamental information from experts in the fields of showcasing and open connection

  1. How can one make reliability using branding?
  2. How do item branding endeavors influence diverse age socioeconomics?
  3. Why is brand dependability joined in the teenage brand showcasing?
  4. What is the accomplishment of early brand advertising in maintaining teenage shopper loyalty to the setup brand?

Definition of terms

The accompanying terms are characterized to elucidate a few of the terms on the theme and help the reader and give a setting to the rest of the investigation. Brand: An identifiable thing, organization, individual or place extended with the end goal that the buyer or customer sees appropriate, wonderfully included regards, which arrange their requirements for the most part almost. Furthermore, its thriving happens in view of having the ability to keep up these extra regards even with contention. Brand Community: Describes the extent that the associations in which the customer is orchestrated, including associations between the teenager and the brand, between the teenager and the association, between the customer and the thing, is utilized, and among related customers. Brand bunches make un -waveringness, making the buy arrangement to keep the relationship and finally repurchase your product.

Brand mindfulness: the capacity to distinguish a brand under various conditions, it comprises of brand acknowledgment and brand review. Brand mindfulness is imperative as it can improve the probability of the brand being a piece of, and choose from, a thought set and eventually fortifies mark affiliations and the resultant brand picture.

Brand Alliance: the short-or-long haul relationship of both substantial and immaterial qualities related with brand accomplices to expand perceptibility of the brands. Brand Loyalty: the expanded benefits or advantages of a marked item, partnership or individual contrasted with those with no brand name joined.


Despite the fact that the sound from the meeting was recorded, there are some potential restrictions in view of the clearness and casualness of the meetings. There are constraints to this investigation in view of the kind of information gathered and talk with prepare. The investigation was directed to pick up understanding into marking and teenager showcasing systems in the specialists' individual fields and additionally their very own assessments on building brand dedication. In this way, a few impediments may exist in light of the supposition that the reactions are subjective and assessment based and thusly can't be summed up.

Moreover, this examination has its destinations and points; there is an unavoidable restriction that it presents. This research was finished with time requirements. This, subsequently, put a point of confinement of getting a top to bottom examination on the topic. Secondly, a number of tests that took an interest in the review are simply a modest number to justify a definitive finding on the effect of brand mindfulness on the teenagers buying choices and devotion. In addition, any outcome that will be gotten from this kind of test can't be connected when in doubt on the all inclusive community of shoppers.

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