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A Shared Vision

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Most individuals who have exemplary leadership qualities and skills are often referred to as “born leaders.” However, I tend to disagree with such kind of mentality.

I believe that there is no such thing as born leaders, but rather good leaders are honed by their experiences in life as well as with the principles and values that they acquire through time. Being an effective leader entails that a person should know how to influence and motivate other people.

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These include sharing with them a vision or objective that the leader thinks will benefit the organization that they belong to. Being the case, it is important to give due attention and consideration to the life experiences of a leader.

The vision that he or she has and how he or she will fit it with the rules of the organization is also essential. In line with this, I also have my own life experiences that helped me to have the necessary leadership traits that I currently apply with the organization that I belong to.

Personal Experiences

I served for the military for a p of ten years. Like any personnel that have to work for this kind of organization, I have learned the concept of discipline and obedience. We were trained to follow orders and to always be ready for anything especially during emergency situations.

I also internalized the principle of standing for what you believe in. Sometimes, I even have to fight for my principles in life because there are instances wherein I will encounter a situation or even people who would challenge the beliefs that I have. I can say that working for the military has indeed honed me into becoming the person that I am now. I have learned many things that developed my leadership qualities.

I vividly remember a particular person that inspired me because I believe that he exemplifies what an ideal and effective leader should be. I was under his supervision during my initial entry into the military. At first, I find him too strict and intimidating. He always notices my every move and makes a big deal of the mistakes that I make. I really have a hard time keeping with the standards that he has.

However, as the days pass by I noticed that his strictness is actually helping me. I have become more disciplined and I tend to think carefully of every move that I take.

I make it a point to logically and critically analyze my decisions and actions especially with regards to its effects on other people. Under his leadership, I started doing my best to prove myself to him and to the organization by taking greater responsibilities and making bolder steps. I can say that I have proved my worth because of his way of motivating me.

Moreover, I also admired how he handles his subordinates. He might be a disciplinarian but he still makes sure that he gives equal attention to the needs of the people that he governs.

Another remarkable trait that he has is the way he influences other people with the vision that he holds for the organization. He wants to improve the military by training people that will uplift the organization. As such, all his plans and efforts are dedicated in the achievement of such vision.

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