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A Savage Journey

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Numerous pursuits in obtaining dreams had been evident in the perceptions of many individuals.  How an individual carries himself in the realm of reality is actually dependent on how one tries to comprehend and internalize the explanations on why things consequently fall into place.

As for Hunter Thompson, America has wickedly divulged on the rather comical state of rationality and thus is considerably out of track with regard to the rather important matters in life.  Its innovative response to technology and corruption is swallowing up the credit of the living masses and is thus benefited by the predator of the country.

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Thompson’s means of establishing what seemed to be true in his immediate time showed that the country was indeed facing a critical state of confusion over ‘reality’ and ‘idealism’.

Undeniably, the impact of confusion towards a certain group of people or set of community may mean much on the development and the level of thinking of many.  How individuals are actually correlated in a broader sense, is the main reason why one action, either directly or indirectly, involves another whether it is in the negative or the positive state.


Thompson’s book took pleasure upon unfolding the secrets of the past and the horrifying truths of the vortex of Las Vegas, or America at that.

In the most extreme sense, I could easily distinguish the initial intent of the author in producing such masterpiece in the “dope world” which as a matte of fact, transcribed during the 60’s (Thompson), and if it may not be that harsh to take into assumption, inherited by today’s contemporary dopers, at that.

One of the striking perceptions which I have noted on the novel, as established in Thompson’s plot, is the harshness of the society on the concept of ‘illegal’ entities.  Perhaps it is righteous enough to implement certain laws and reputation with regard to the matter, but then again, the equilibrium of the imposition seems to boggle my sanity in that certain perspective.

Thus, I realized that the callous form of justice had been crucially bias, taking for certain to a fact that even those who were held responsible for the eradication of what they introduced as ‘illegal’ were actually the catalysts of the inequity.  It takes to raise a brow in my rationality in the prudent side.

The novel itself, taken with opinion based justification, is considerably a breakthrough to the society and to those who are well concerned over the matter.

Perhaps ‘drugs’ is an evil commodity, but how Thompson was able to deliver his stands with the use of wickedly comical idioms and metaphors struck my amazement that his view on the society was amorously correlated and incorporated as rather the ‘evil’ one and ‘drugs’ as the hero of mankind (Thompson).  How’s that for the paradox of the universe?

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