A Reflective History Essay: How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

Last Updated: 03 May 2023
Essay type: Reflective
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So yesterday I saw a the movie interstellar and it was fascinating. The thing that stunned me was that the movie was letting three different points of view and in the end they all came together. One point of view of the future, one of the little girl that grows up, and other of the guy coordinating the mission 20 or something years ago. Sometime I think about events like this, they all happen at different time but in the end it all come to tell this on one story, and that way we can have a lot of detail in our stories. In the Revolutionary War was revolutionary mainly in ideals not too much in way of living unless you were ambitious. The Revolutionary War marked and stated that all men are able to direct and lead themselves. Obviously, later in the future that also meant blacks and woman. At this point we have to see what the perspective. Their was a lot going on in the revolution but we can settle with three perspective. The king from England, the english Colonist that tried so hard to be what exactly what the british were; then the Native Americans who just lost so much more than they ever needed to lose.

From the start of our school, we are told that America is the best place in world it's the paradise everyone runs too, that not a complete lie, this is an amazing place to live, but it's not the paradise everyone talks about. America is great but she has her faults, like the systematic oppression, and segregation of black and minorities. I know it's hard for everyone but it's harder for kids to pay attention in school when they never see their parents or they haven't eaten for a far amount of time. When George Washington and Cavalry of Founding Father founded America they said "For all men to be equal." We we only started having that seen the civil rights movement. American is one of the better place is the world but the American revolution was only Revolutionary for those in power, but what was revolutionary was the idea that it brought. The Idea that everyone is equal and everyone could become better through hard work, that was revolutionary.

When America won the revolution, the power went from a dude that own a lot of land to, multiple dudes that own a lot of land. The revolution consisted of the distribution of land from the king and novels, too a lot of people. From different perspective the reality changed but idealism looked every different to everyone.

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