A Reflective Essay About Learning and Class Goals

Last Updated: 03 May 2023
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"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty"-Henry Ford. A perfect quote to begin my self-reflective journey. Though dubbed essay, this so called essay is going to be more like a story for myself. 'Learning, this term is as deep as the ocean or even more, not just studying in school or any institute; but more of how you can develop yourself or even upgrade yourself from who you were a second before and 'Old', which I'm not cause I haven't stopped learning. So, talking about my style of learning, let's say it weird and a mystery, why? For example, right now I'm sitting on the roof of my house in this 16 degree Kathmandu weather and writing this self-reflective essay which could be done inside the warm blanket in my room. I'm not a fan of studying, not learning, but studying. I can give you thousands of reasons why but in the end they are just 'reasons', the only honest thing I could come up with is that studying is a hard process which requires a very high level of dedication. Now, how can you be dedicated towards a certain task? You need to be passionate about that stuff. For me, learning is a passion which is why this self-reflection will help me understand myself better.

Now, coming to Islington college, the primary reason for me joining this college is it's near to my home and Yes, it doesn't have the hassle of entrance exam, which by the way does not measure your intelligence or knowledge but measures you academic prowess. Experience for me here so far I'd say has been great. Just saying that the classes are fun would be an underestimation. The basic idea of each module is how they interrelate with each other creating a base knowledge for the building block of a successful business. This successful business, creating this I'd say is my newfound passion at the moment. So, this is my learning style, somehow I need to find or more like create a passion for the thing I'm trying to learn about and motivate myself to do it. This self-motivate thing, this is my biggest weakness and the feedbacks I've received from the lecturers has helped me further realize this fact.

Moving on to the modules, the first i.e. Fundamentals of Management, which is self-explanatory by its name, has taught me how management has evolved through time using different techniques in a trial and error business environment. The main thing what I've learned till now is how important maintaining human relation is in a business and also how to analyze your business and its environment through techniques like PESTLE,SWOT and Five force analysis. And it's also taught me how important teamwork is for a successful business strive. The next module, Economics and Society, or more like history, till now has basically been about different economic and social events in the society which has led to the present economic state of the world. The third module, Understanding Business Information, so far has taught me how to use excel and its features and different data collection techniques which is essential for a business. Finally, The Corporate Environment, has taught me how important factor price is in the market for a business. It's teaching me the basics of economics and how to view each aspect of the world from an economic point of view.

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The main trait of humans is that we will try to defend ourselves and justify that we are not in the wrong, this justification might seem like a defense mechanism but ultimately us humans try to prove ourselves that we are always right and it's hard for us to acknowledge our 1|Page shortcomings because we all are or let's say we all want to be a perfect imaginable version of ourselves in our own eyes, which moves me towards the feedbacks from the lecturers. My main weakness which I could sum up from all the lecturers is that I don't take things seriously and tend to make quite a bit of noise in each of the classes which is actually true. Since I'm not "OLD" I need to acknowledge this feedback and work on how to fix this so called "weakness" which will be coming in the later parts of this essay. In case of strengths, they say I don't have any behavioral or major issues that need to be addressed and the lectures are completely fine with who I am as a person and my work so far is good except in Fundamentals of Management which is actually due to my own carelessness on the day of the test.

For me personally, I think knowing your weakness is your greatest strength because you can focus on eradicating those weaknesses in each checkpoint of your life. Now, since I'm a freshman, the main question is where do I want to see myself as a student this year in Islington? Let's answer this question with respect to each of the four modules in this year. First, Fundamentals of Management, my main weakness in this class is my lack of concentration during the lecture which I realized after getting my test result and the feedback I received from my lecturer. My carelessness on the day of the test when I was joking around during the tutorial class was clearly portrayed in the latter two questions. The first step to fixing an issue is to identify it, which is done. Now, my main goal for not only this module but all of the modules at the time is that I get at least 65 percentage in each of them at the end of the year. To achieve this target, for this module, I need to stay focused during the class minimizing my out of topic talks and use of cellphone. Also, I need to ask questions on the topic being taught so that I can understand its basic idea more clearly. Moving on to Economics and Society, for this module my main weaknesses that I've realized from the feedback is my lack of note taking and overall lack of self-study. This issue might seem like it's easily fixable but requires a far greater level of dedication and motivation. I'lI try to fix this issue by constantly motivating myself through different incentives for example, bringing a copy and a pen for each class and completing each small task step by step rather than focusing on the result before even starting; like at least reading the topic which was taught in the class that day and so on. Similarly, for Understanding Business Information, like before my main issue is not taking things seriously and making a little more noise in class then recommended. I'm going to fix this by constantly reminding me of my goal at the end of the year and overall just being more focused during the class activities. Finally, for The Corporate Environment, I don't have any major issues which needs to be immediately addressed according to the feedback received. I'll just follow my techniques from other modules mentioned above and try to maintain my concentration level in the class by minimizing the side talks and use of mobile phone.

Since, I've identified my issues in each class, created goals and set a roadmap for each of the classes, the only thing remaining to do is create a technique for how I'm going to monitor my activities to successfully reach my target goals. First, I'm going to observe my progress in knowledge for each of the modules every two weeks by doing things like revising the topics studied every week, asking the teachers if I'm confused about any information, recording questions asked and also recording my errors in the assessments and tasks in the class.


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