A Lesson of Being Cautious

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I learned a valuable lesson when I lost my mobile phone. On that day, I had an appointment with my friends and I took the bus to go out as usual. But that day was Sunday and the bus was more crowded because a lot of people didn't need to work, and they came out to play. Because there was no pocket on my trousers, I had to put my phone in the shallow coat pocket which resulted in the coming tragedy.

After ore than ten minutes, the bus reached the destination, I clenched my fists and elbowed my way through the crowd and got off with difficulty. When I touched the ground, I suddenly thought that someone bumped into me in doorway earlier, and then I touched my coat pocket and found that my mobile phone was gone. Immediately, I looked back at the bus and glanced at the people around, but everything was very strange and it made me feel a little afraid.

I walked hastily to the eating place to meet my friends, borrowed a phone of theirs to call my number, but I was unable to get through. After a few seconds of hesitation, I dejectedly gave my dad a call to tell him my mobile phone was stolen. He comforted me that it didn't matter and warned me to be cautious outside and come back home as soon as possible. Even today, it is still an important lesson, to always be careful and cautious, because you never know where bad guys are and what will happen the next second.

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