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Lesson Vocabulary

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They related one Of the disease Symptoms such as memory loss to her forgetting to take out the trash. Menopause- the time of natural cessation of menstruation. On the popular television show 19 kids and counting, the mother had went to her doctors office questioning whether or not she was able to have more children. The doctor had went trough numerous questions, one of which included whether she has gone through menopause as this would indicate that her body is not able to carry any more children.

Cross-sectional study-a study in which people Of different ages are compared with one another. As was listening to the radio one day, there was an advertisement looking for people aged 10-65, in order for them to compare how the brain reacts to different stimuli as the brain ages. This is an example of a cross-sectional study as there is a group of people within a large range of ages in order for them to be compared to one another. Institutional study- research on which the same people are restudied and retested over a long period of time.

A study in which children who are given medication to treat a disease, and are tested then and every five years in order to see the development with the ewe drug(whether it is working,etc) is an example of a longitudinal study as the same people are being tested for the medication and are having to be retested in order to reassure the medication is working. Adolescence- the transition period from childhood to adulthood, extended from puberty to independence.

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When conversing with a coworker who is above the age of twenty five and is living on their own, settled down with a family, and has a stable job, you are more than likely to consider this individual to have gone through adolescence as they are now quite independent and have had many years after starting puberty. Primary sex characteristics- the body structures that make sexual reproduction possible. If a female were to lack ovaries, she would be lacking a primary sex characteristic, as without ovaries, natural reproduction is impossible.

Secondary sex characteristics- non-reproductive sexual traits, such as female breasts and hips, male voice quality, and body hair. While working down the street, you notice a striking young man, with a trimmed beard, well dressed, and a low voice. You are attracted to his secondary sex characteristics as you like his beard, which is a secondary sex characteristic, as well as his deep voice. Social clock- the culturally preferred timing of social events such as marriage, parenthood, and retirement.

During the renaissance, if you were not married by the age of 15, you were considered to be a witch, as only one of the dark side would have this flaw. This can be seen as an extreme formation of a social clock as they believe one must be married by a certain age. Menarche, the first menstrual period. When a child enters the third grade many times they are asked if they would like to take a sex deed class. In this class they will discuss numerous topics, one which may include menarche as many females will be unaware of this at this GE in order to educate the young females that it is just a sign of their bodies functionally properly.

Fluid intelligence- our ability to reason speedily and abstractly. Having fluid intelligence is quite necessary as a teenager because decisions are made quickly and you must be able to sort the complications as well as the advantages Of doing an activity. Crystallized intelligence- our accumulated knowledge and verbal skills. If one were to speak of a book they read last year and discuss what occurred in the book, they are using crystallized intelligence as they are pulling information from a later date.

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