A judge is a person who is given the task

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A judge is a person who is given the task to decide a case. He is the arbiter who is given the authority to evaluate the facts and issues of a case and to thereafter render a decision based on jurisprudence, the law, the Constitution and other acceptable sources.

A judge should be impartial, independent, possessed of competence and dignity that is required of a judge. As part of due process, he should posses the cold neutrality of an impartial judge. A judge should always bear in mind, that he is the personification of justice.

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The people bring the case before the court that he represents, in hopes of obtaining a decision that is reflective of justice and integrity. A judge occupies a position that is above that of an average individual. He should not compromise his morals and should act in a manner that is consistent with his position both in his public and private life.

It is very difficult to separate how a judge should act in his public and private lives. By this, it is meant, that even in the private lives of judges, they should live their life in a way that they are good examples to the society. A judge should set aside any biases that he has about the case, further, he should not in any manner allow personal and family relations to affect the manner by which he decides a case.

A judge should be objective, making decisions by stating the facts and the law of the case. The decision of a case should have a basis so that the parties would know that their case has been decided through proper analysis and not by the whims and caprices of the judge.

Democratic great powers are the manner by which justice is addressed in a given community. In any society, it is important to have a democracy. The people are viewed as the partners of government or of its leaders to achieve good governance. The people in power, like those of government officials should bear in mind that they are there to serve the people and their country and not to fuel their personal ambitions. In a democratic country, the people are guaranteed certain freedoms.

These pertain to freedom of speech, expression, religion, labor, of voting and the like. These freedoms would allow the people to do their job of ascertaining as to whether or not officials in power are performing their work properly. The government does not have the monopoly of power in a democratic type of government since they know that their people can check them at any time.

The government would not be given the chance to impose arbitrary laws and rules that would allow them to rule a country as they please, without thinking about the welfare of its constituents. It is very important for a government to respect the rights of their people by giving them a chance to voice out their opinions as for example, in choosing its leaders through voting. In this way, the people would have a participation in the election of those leaders who would lead their nation.

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