IT Organizations, Projects and Project Life Cycles

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1. Summary description of the program, its structure, and purpose

The description of the program states the very fact that project management is explained step by step for every level. The website also provides visual explanation of various stages that display separate levels of work and its breakdown.

The structure is quite good and ensures that all the various abilities are researched to its best. The structure of the website and the various functionality for project management is displayed quite well.

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The purpose is to provide the functionality of a project management desktop software. An user can either operate the software over the internet by subscribing to their services for a fee or can purchase the software and run in their network for a fixed price.

2. Its overall "look and feel" and apparent target audience what the program does and does not give you your assessment of such things as:

a.       Its usability

The usability is excellent as the site uses simple use of colors, font, site layout, and consistency and user acceptability. In additional the following features are worth notable:

  1. Content is clear and simple, there are no flamboyant designs or images. It depicts professionalism in content.
  2. The most important content is presented well for user awareness for the site
  3. The content representation, layout, colors, typefaces are very ethical in practice
  4. Tagline appears in every page
  5. The contact page takes care of visitor feedback using their mail and telephone services

b.        Its relative advantage

The relative advantage is its classified sections of the project management and the very detail it caters to. The screenshots and no external advertisement make it quite distinct for any user to take good care of it.

c.       Potential applicability to your work needs

Its usefulness is based on the regular and inexpensive needs of the people who desire to avail the project management software features on the go and desire a ubiquitous nature (Davidson, 2002). A professional would require moving places and may not be able to carry the extra work as in comparison to desktop software’s.

d.      Utility and relevance to this course

The granular detail of the project management features available for one to use and incorporate in their work is quite notable and envelopes all the basic and advanced features for better handling the tasks.

3.      Any other things about the program that you find salient and worth noting to others

The notable aspect would be the visual feature of the facilities available and the various components that are available for better handling of the work nature of any industry segment.

4.      Your comparison of this program with the previous program from Module 1

The primary difference is the demonstration of the software features with live screenshots and its segregation for use which possibly was not present in the previous software to that extent. The second difference is the basic online operation for the project management software and the very granularity in using the features which can be subscribed and operated. The project can be saved to the extent it was done and can be taken up on next day for its progress.

5.      Your bottom-line evaluation of its value to you

I would rate the software 8 out of 10 as it brings ubiquity, consistent, ability to provide an interface for usage and use. The online use of the software would instill better and anytime anywhere usage and its simple features would make it possible to share ones work over the internet.

6.      What you now think of project management software overall as a result of two experiences?

The project management software, as a result of two experiences have taken into account better strategies for enveloping all the project features to its maximum possible detail and would enrich greater productivity and access at all times.

The two software’s successively deliver and manage the project resources and timeline and make sure to bring a lot of dynamism in setting timeline and deciding on the project factors and resource costs and usage (Westerveld, 2003).


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