A Brief Analysis of What of This Goldfish Would You Wish by Etgar Keret

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Last Updated: 07 Nov 2022
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The theme of what of this goldfish would you wish is, be careful how you use things you might need them later.

The conflict is between Sergei and Yonaton. "Sergei finds that the kid is in his house. He's already making his movie, running his camera without permission" (Keret 6). Yoni enters Sergei's house without permission and start recording." he to have taken the burner of the stove and hit the boy in the head" (Keret 6). Sergei hit and kills yoni. Sergei has a conflict with the goldfish"" you have one wish left" the fish reminds Sergei. He says it easy like that, as if Sergei doesn't know-as if either of them ever loses count" (Keret 7) Sergei doesn't want to use his last wish to bring back yoni.

I think Sergei is selfless and lonely. "Sergei used up when they discovered a cancer in his sister. A lung cancer, the kind you don't get better from” (Keret 7). He uses his first wish on his sister" The second wish Sergei used up five years ago, on Sveta's boy" (Keret 7). Sergei uses his second wish on Sveta's kid." He'd just stick it on a shelf in a big glass jar and talk to him all day" (Keret 8). Sergei told him if he had a goldfish, he would just talk to it. This is why I think the reader can see that Sergei is selfless and lonely and how he just wants someone to talk to someone to watch tv with.

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