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6 Tips to Double the Success of Your Video Marketing Campaign

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Video marketing has never been more effective at converting prospects into leads. Studies say it’s to reach Google’s first page with a video.


Video marketing also offers the most engaging form of content you can come up with, and it’s perfectly suited to any and all devices. But some people wrongly believe that video marketing is a silver bullet. , and you’re never going to succeed just because you happen to have a video online.

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So, if you’re not getting the results you want, it's time to think about some of the things you can do. This guide will introduce you to some top tips that can double the success of .

1. Start with a story people care about.

The reason is not because they regurgitate the same content found in written blogs. Instead, they tell an interesting story people want to hear about. The most effective videos always connect with a target audience through some form of inspiring story.

A simple video that shows your product is going to get you nothing but minor results. Combine that product into a story and your results are going to rocket your viewership.

Every viral video in the world today has a fun and engaging story. The brand is secondary, yet the video is still better for your company in the long-term.


2. Keep the video short and punchy.

Video length is one aspect of marketing that many people have looked into. Studies have concluded that most customers have shorter attention ps than ever. That should come as no surprise. There’s so much content on the internet that the moment you view something, you’re pulled in another direction.

These days’ shorter videos have far higher conversion rates than longer ones. Remember that most people are going to be watching your video in a 30-second window before they get off the bus. So, the ideal length of a video today is about a minute. The longer your videos get, the higher the bounce rates.

Don’t lose the chance to get your message across because you've insisted on creating a feature.

3. Make your video interactive.

The behavior of your customers is always changing. Fail to keep up with it and you’re going to be left behind. Creating a video every time your fluid audience changes is expensive and time-consuming. The easiest way to create content that lasts longer is to .

Interactive content has never been more popular. It puts the power in the hands of the viewer. Interactive videos essentially allow customers to take part in the video and determine in which direction it goes.

A dynamic story line can teach customers specific lessons and act as a fun distraction. This advanced technique doesn’t have a massive amount of participation from businesses yet, which makes it crucial for you to jump on this strategy now.

4. Add a 'call to action' button.

One of the content is they allow the video to completely fade to black. Allowing that is the worst thing you can do because you’ve got a great video without any direction as to where you want your customers to go next.

The few seconds at the end of the video should be dedicated to adding contact information and a firm call to action. Make sure that that button takes viewers exactly where you want them to go.

Your video, after all, is just part of your sales funnel.

5. Make sure you post the video in multiple locations.

Are you not getting the results you want?

Where you're distributing your video to could be a problem. Most of your target audience could be on a completely different network than you. It makes no sense to just post your video on your website if most of your targets are hanging out on Facebook or YouTube, for example.

So, think about how you can expand your distribution.

6. Use data to determine your next course of action.

Data is everything in the business world. It’s the only way you’re going to make sure that what you’re doing is right. You should have a data-gathering strategy in place so you can chart the progress of each video. Are people responding to your video in the right way or are they bouncing off the page immediately?

Such information can be vital for your next production.


When used correctly, video marketing can be remarkably effective. But it’s not going to happen without some careful consideration from you before you launch your next campaign.


What are you going to do to improve the power of your videos?

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