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Anoma is a university graduate who has hopes of becoming a teacher. However, her parents, especially her mother, had other ideas and wanted to give her in marriage. Mrs. Wickramasinghe’s cousin finds a suitable match for Anoma. He is Fredrick Dias, a barrister who has just come back from England. He is said to be good looking, educated, rich, and from a good family background. Fredrick, also known as Wimal, visits Anoma, along with his aunt. After some traditions of welcoming the intended groom, Anoma and Wimal strike up a conversation.

Later she agrees that she likes Wimal and they are soon engaged to each other. Months pass happily between the engagement and wedding. The wedding is a gala affair and soon afterwards, Anoma leaves for her honeymoon with Wimal. They spend the first night in the quest house in Kaduwela and thereafter proceed to Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya. They go for walks and drives and Anoma enjoys herself except for two factors; two phone calls to Wimal from an unknown stranger and the fact that Wimal makes no move to make love to her.

Upon confrontation, he informs her that the caller is a good friend who is not a girl and excuses himself saying they have a lifetime ahead of them to make love. They come back to Colombo and live in an old Walawuwa where Anoma enjoys numerous comforts. Wimal is kind to her but still is distant from her. Anoma parents visit her and are delighted about their daughters’ new lifestyle. Anoma does not confine in her mother but speaks to a friend about her worries. When she does, she finds out that her husband is a homosexual. Analysis Plot

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There is only one plot line for the story: An arranged marriage of a girl to a man who turn out to be a homosexual. The story is written in a chronological order with plot devices. There is a flashback at the end of the story when Anoma’s friend narrates to her what she overheard about Wimal. There is also some foreshadowing and they are; a stranger calling Wimal twice while he is on his honeymoon, Wimal’s words that they will have time later on to make love, and the fact that he is an educated, good looking, rich man who is single. Standard Pyramidal Plot Pattern

Exposition- introduction of the characters, setting and main conflict  Anoma Wickramasinghe – University graduate with upper second class degree, has a career as a teacher, and is a Buddhist.  Mrs. Wickramasinghe- Traditional mother who believed it was best for her daughter to be married and stabilized.  Mr. Wickramasinghe- He is a typical Sri Lankan father who remains passive while the mother sorts the issue of marriage for their daughter. Fredrick Dias- Also referred to as Wimal, Barrister from England, orphan, Christian, did not believe in love but wanted security. Mrs. Dias- Traditional aunt, took good care of Wimal, make Wimal acquiesce her wishes. Main conflict- Anoma experiences an internal conflict. She is curious about many things like who the stranger who calls on her husband during their honeymoon is and why her husband does not want to make love to her. She finally discovers that her husband is a homosexual. Rising Action-Develops the conflict and creates suspense Develops the conflict- Anoma continues to feel ill used about the person who keeps calling her husband and Wimal’s reluctance to make love to her. Creates suspense-Anoma is suspicious about the calls Wimal receives.

Climax- the turning point of the story where the main character comes face to face with an issue Occurs at the very end of the story and therefore is also the resolution/denouncement. Anoma confines in her friend and finds out that her husband is a homosexual. Mini- climax- When Anoma questions Wimal whether they are going to have sex and he replies saying they have a lifetime ahead of them. Setting Time- Place- Anoma and Wimal choose Nuwara Eliya as their honeymoon destination. This is a very common and cold location. This acts as a symbol as well defining Wimals character, Wiimal is distant from Anoma even during their honeymoon.

Even with shivering temperatures, Wimal refuses to cuddle Anoma and keep her warm. Social Environment- It is traditional because Mrs. Wickramasinghe wanted her daughter married to a person of the same caste regardless of his qualities. It is restrictive because Wimal is distant from Anoma even during their honeymoon. The story is set a reserved setting because everything is rigid and formal. Weather- There is not of much significance about the weather except Anoma’s and Wimal’s Honeymoon destination. The cold climate in Nuwara Eliya reflects the distance and the lack of intimateness between the newlyweds. Character- The Protagonist is the story is Anoma Wickramasinghe. She can be considered as reserved because she did not engage in an affair while she was at University. She is also shy upon meeting her intended husband but loses her shyness soon when they start talking to each other. She is simple and does not like much of a hassle. This is evident by the relief she feels when she leaves the wedding and sets off on the honeymoon with Wimal. She is also a patient person because she is willing to get married in an arranged fashion and waits for the love to grow.

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