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"Easter 1916" - manuscripts the events of Easter revolution in Ireland. It was Written in 1916 and Published only in 1921. The Question remains in the readers mind that "Was the revolution really necessary or was it unnecessary death? " The language in poem is simple and straight which makes use of figure of speech like slimly and metaphor. The poem conveys the moral that individual, war, friendship and relationship are more important in the world.

We must have self control and shouldn't complain if the things go wrong. In the poem Yeats is taking the role of flamers and he is giving the description of normal dally lives of people. He also tells that he wants to go and meet his friends at theatre and say "A terrible beauty Is born". This shows a dualistic nature of rising. It said a terrible beauty because It caused death and beauty of their step towards Independence. The revolution caused many problems which ruined the normal days of people as shown in the poem.

Yeats describe about a revolutionist woman leader to be placed at a cabinet position ho is both a socialist and politician. She was left alone in Ireland by her husband who moved to Ukraine. She belongs to IIRC and designed uniform and national anthem for IIRC. RIB Leaders includes Patrick Pears: Leader of RIB, teacher, poet, nationalist and activist. Pears, he was the head of RIB and he delivered the proclamation speech on 24th of April at General Post Office. The second includes McBride: Member of RIB, husband to Yeats Love; Maude Gonne.

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Thirdly, James Connelly: Who Founded Irish Republican Society and Irish Citizen Army he was ideation at G. P. O leading 150 rebels as commandment- General. Followed by Marketable a Nationalist, suffragette and socialist, she Is also a first woman to hold cabinet position In world. She Designed uniforms and composed anthem for RIB. She motivated and inspired many other revolutionist. Lastly Macdonald: who contributed to the Proclamation speech. He was stationed at Jacob Biscuit. They planned a movement during the early spring to actually revolt against British rules.

By then England was heavily involved in war with their allies. Irish nationalists ND revolutionist thought it would be great opportunity to fight for the revolution. They made friends with Germany and got helped in terms of weapons and ammos to fight against Britain. Yeats have written this poem as legacy in memory of Macdonald, McBride, Connelly, and Pears who are all untied by their commitment to their dream of freedom, giving Ireland everything they could for the good thing to happen.

Yeats continues to say, wherever the split of Ireland Is represented by people wearing the color "green," and those people will be forever changed-Yeats also describes how nature is corresponding to the Irish revolution which is very that is to achieve freedom for Ireland as if like a stone which can be resembled as an island of destiny because of their excessive love towards Ireland which made them revolt against British rules. Revolution is simply disturbing the social lives of people and their privacy.

It means if the revolution continues then there is the chance that people will become emotionalism with heart in nature which can further more lead to much destruction. Yeats says only God can help. Though Ireland is happy for its independence Yeats is not as happy about the revolution as he says that those revolutionaries were very impatient to gain independence as British rules has actually promised the homeland for self governing but revolutionaries were so eager to fight.

The revolution left 300 civilians, 200 soldiers & revolutionist dead, 2500 wounded, 15 leaders executed and 1841 sent to prison. The main theme if the poem is Art and politics which reflects Yeast's opinion of the British politics on Ireland. The Impact of fate and Divine on History is also included in the poem. He explains to us about the Fate and historical determinism time. We can also see Yeast's transformation from being romantic poet to modernist poet. The poet has a perfect command over words.

He has also deep insight in to human character. The characters of RIB have been pointed with great skills which seem simply is unforgettable. This shows the basic honesty and simplicity of the poet. The poem ends on a note of hope as the poem makes delightful reading simply because the very sincere about his ideas. He neither neither boasts nor hide anything. The toe is a patron of music and possesses a pictorial quality to build up an atmosphere of rare charm and reality.

The quality of the poem is unquestionable. I can't name another poet which contains so much beauty as this person. The poem is very much optimistic and sentimental with the help of deep poetic inside. He creates realistic feeling in the readers mind. "Wherever green is worn/Are changed, changed utterly' these lines are unforgettable and a delight wonders. The poet oscillates between the present and the past, between Joy and despair and feels miserable.

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