Working with Exceptional Children

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The importance for an Educational Assistance in getting more general information about children with exceptionalities is needed because more schools across Canada are integrating more exceptional children into regular classrooms settings . According to a study that was done and revealed that in the mid 60’s there was about 1000 children with learning disabilities within the public school system, almost 20 years later, the numbers sky rocketed to be around 197,000 these numbers were mentioned in the EADP course.

These numbers are still growing and the concept of inclusion was first implemented in the mid 1980’s. Many institutions were shut down and many of the children were either sent back home into their communities and in other cases where this wasn’t an option they were sent into group homes. In the classroom it change to where some student were sent to experience educational integration. The children would have the joy of the experience some of the school structure and activities which includes gym, arts, home economics and other program to suit their needs.

With the process of mainstreaming the class sizes are increasing, therefore the teacher’s responsibilities are greater. This impacts educational assistants by having to upgrade their knowledge. The teacher’s responsibilities towards all students is to make them feel safe in the school environment. They are also responsible for planning a curriculum that will meet every students needs, to the child who are considered normal and to the children who are considered exceptional.

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In the teacher’s curriculum adaptation is needed so each child receives the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to progress in their abilities. With the help of an educational assistant who has received general information about children with exceptionalities the teacher’s work load is alleviated. Knowledge helps the educational assistant effectiveness in interacting with children who are exceptional. The educational assistant will have a better understanding of the teacher’s needs and the needs of children with exceptionalities.

There is a broad range of different exceptionalities so the educational assistant need to be flexible and learn how to deal basis. The educational assistant will know how to carry out the program that was adapted for the child without any long explanations from the teacher. The educational assistant, will facilitate the task and give the teacher more time to give one on one time to every individual student. Also knowing how to carry out the program will help to facilitate the integration of the child to the regular classes.

The knowledge and importance of knowing how to take proper written documentation will ensure accurate and helpful data on the child progress. It will record on daily a basis which will help the teacher and the team to make adaptations in their intervention plan so that the child will be able to reach their long and short term goals. As a team player the educational assistant will have the knowledge and help play an important role with the teacher in implementing techniques of behaviour management which will increase effectiveness in the classroom.

With time, peoples view and acceptance have changed making children with exceptionalities easier to integrate in the classroom . The demands of educational assistant have also changed with time . The task of an educational assistant has become more complex and they are now playing a bigger role and assuming more responsibilities. Having more general knowledge about exceptional children is essential. Well trained educational assistants are a key resource for teachers, children and the whole school system as they all work together as a team for the child.

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