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Exceptional Figures In Legend Of Sleepy Hollow English Literature Essay

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The attitudes of the people toward the exceeding figures in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will be discussed in this paper. In The Grave, society considered the grave to be an exceeding figure. Ichabod and the Headless Horseman in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow were considered outstanding characters by the community. Peoples had assorted emotions about Brom Bones and it was difficult to state what the people were believing. Robert Blair 's work, The Grave, shows the attitude the people had refering the glumness of the grave.

Ichabod was tall and lanky with immense custodies and narrow shoulders. He besides had long weaponries and legs. He had green eyes and his olfactory organ could state which way the air current was blowing. Ichabod ever put the load on the strong alternatively of the weak and helped out in his vicinity. When Ichabod did n't demo up at school where he was a schoolmaster for yearss, people thought that he was dead. I think possibly he did n't desire to cover with all the play with Hans Van Ripper and the town 's people. He helped with the vicinity choir and was considered the `` singing-master '' of the group. He was handpicked by the people to take the vocalizing during Sunday church services.

Ichabod 's personality besides had an evil, anti- hero side. For illustration, while he was taking attention of the weak babes, Ichabod would be looking for the beautiful lady of the house. He wanted them to make things for him, such as do his repasts and possibly other favours. The lone ground he was a instructor was to have free repasts and live the easy life. He would travel to the weak in order to acquire what he wanted. Brom Bones, another character in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is considered to be an outstanding figure and an anti- hero in his community. I feel that he was considered a bad cat when jobs in town occurred. Peoples in town had assorted feelings about him. They did n't cognize what to believe of him. Every clip there was a bash, all of the town 's people would ever fault him for the battle. Brom Bones liked to affect the Dutch by demoing his witchery to the married womans and comets and hiting stars.

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In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, another extraordinary character is the shade. There were many people in the town who were afraid to travel out tardily at dark, because they feared the Headless Horseman was doing his unit of ammunitions to the church graveyard. The fable is that it was the `` shade of a Hessian cavalryman '' , whose caput had been carried off by a cannon-ball in some unidentified conflict during the Revolutionary War. `` It was of all time and anon seen by the state common people travel rapidlying along in the somberness of dark. '' I think the Headless Horseman is merely seeking to acquire back to the conflict to happen his caput. He ever returns to the God's acre before daytime Begins. I do n't believe the Headless Horseman is person to be feared ; he is merely seeking urgently to happen his caput.

In Robert Blair 's The Grave everyone 's grave is considered glooming and awful and an exceeding figure to society. Everyone in this narrative thinks the grave is bad and non a topographic point to travel. For illustration, in the narrative it mentions the grave as `` the keys of snake pit and decease. '' Peoples were afraid because life was like Eden and death is like traveling to hell. In the narrative, Blair besides talks about how peaceable and unagitated it is. When he uses the word peace, he is speaking about how the organic structure is when 1 's true psyche eventually finds it. One will eventually turn to dust and be given back to the land which they were given as a gift of life. There is one grave at the graveyard that ever vanishes at dark. It 's a freshly opened grave. I feel this means that when a individual is dead, they can come back to life. It reminds me that people are truly merely populating their lives off of borrowed clip and life is non to be taken for granted. Time is cherished, which is something that people tend to bury. I do n't believe it was their whole organic structures, but merely their liquors. Even in today 's society, there is a telecasting show called `` The Haunting, '' where they find evil liquors inquiring about. I think all liquors that are left on Earth are merely evil liquors desiring to harm all the good people in our society.

In The Grave, it discusses people holding life after decease. For illustration, it states that `` Of the good Man is PEACE. '' I think this shows that if a individual dies a good individual, they have nil to worry approximately. The people during the Romantic Time period should hold been able to travel to heaven and non be worried about the grave and the result of their life. If a individual lives a good life, so they will travel to heaven. A individual should n't be afraid of deceasing. A individual should be happy and rejoice because they are traveling to a better topographic point.

In The Grave, there are non people that think about decease and themselves at the same clip. For illustration, the book states `` as if to larn to decease were no concern of ours. '' I think the people back so merely did n't cognize when their clip would be so they did n't brood on it. They knew that it was a portion of life and it happened to everybody. Peoples of those times should hold thought about it some ; it 's foolish non to believe about it at all. A individual does n't cognize if tomorrow is traveling to their last twenty-four hours. God can stop this universe whenever he wants ; it 's his and he created it. I hope that people of that clip thought about the true significance of life for God every twenty-four hours.

All in all, the extraordinary figures did cognize the difference between life and decease. Ichabod and the Headless Horsemen were good known by their communities. They were known as non all bad, but more of a split personality. I think Brom Bones besides had some good qualities about him because he did assist in his community. Peoples did n't merely look at the glumness in the grave, but besides on the bright side of the hereafter.

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