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What type of man that girls are attracted to?

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Kind and helpful men make women feel protected and safe. Friendly men are people who are easy to approach and make others feel comfortable. The reason why there are not so many women are attracted by artist men is because artists are sensitive and inconstant. It's hard to keep a relationship that both side need to be understand. And women always need loyalty from their boyfriends. Beyond good characteristics, men also need talents to attract women. Most women (31 said that men look cool when they play sports, 24% like men who can cook or make handmade things, 17% like men who play music, 13% like singers.

But only 2% attracted by men who can make doll dress. Women like healthy men and playing sports Is the best way to show healthy and energetic. And nothing more romantic than eating a meal or receiving a gift made by your own boyfriends. Making dress or hat they were gays. Moreover, background is also a factor that should be mention. According to the result of some surveys that have been carried out recently, one of the most important women often care about men is about their background: 83% people commit that they often take men's background under consideration while Just only 17% of them say that this is not important.

In the past, women used to suffer from discrimination a lot. They were totally dependent on their husband without having any human rights or making decisions of their own. That is why men's background was not taken into inconsideration to women especially in under-developed countries. Apparently, men in today's life also hold different attitude toward the role of women, especially those for whom they are fall in love. It is believed that the track of conquering a girl's heart is a tough one. Not only is appearance critical point but also men's background.

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According to some recent surveys, women tend to pay attention to three aspects from a guy's background: family, education (occupation) and personality background. Among these criterion, women seem to focus mostly on the education base. From some statistics, 60% of women say a man's knowledge is the critical point in forming his future life, 25% of them care about men's characteristic and the rest want to know more about men's family. It is not strange that girls often have intention of studying about their boyfriends' family during dating stage.

They may have questions about guys' parents including their Jobs, personality... There are many people who have their own prejudice toward others. That is why keep dating with a boy whose family members make you feel uncomfortable is annoying. Unlike the old stage in which women do nothing but obey heir men as well as their families completely ,today's society allows women to have the right of choosing the most suitable man for them. The second idea is related to the education background of men. Currently, men are supposed to play the main part in the families.

For households which women do not go to work, all of financial issues become men's loads. In case of undergraduate guys, girls need to know about their major, strong as well as weak points. Dating with an intelligent and hard- working boy seems to be more attractive than hanging out with a lazy one. Good man in modern life should also have great personality. This may seem an ambiguous aspect concerning men's background since each individual has his/her own characteristic that tend to be maintained for a whole-life time.

According to the researchers, this all makes sense. "Knowing that someone is persistent, ambitious and sexy, tells you nothing about how that person really is," comments researcher Paul Ecstatic. "It makes no sense finding a partner based on personality traits. "However, the first impression about one's personality is supposed to be the key point for men in appealing women. It cannot be denied that men's personality is revealed most clearly during flirting stage. Modern women have different tastes of men's characteristic.

According to a survey that study about the ideal kind of men and do romantic things for them. To sum up, women living in today's society are much more different from those who belong to the past. Not only there are differences in position in life but also in human rights especially in choosing a suitable individual for them concerning family, education and personality background. Beside family background, women also care about education background of men. Currently, men are supposed to play the main part in the family economy.

In he case of undergraduate guys, girls will want to know about their major, their school and how hard they study. Dating with an intelligent and hard-working guy seems to be more attractive than hanging out with a lazy one. That is all about the ideal man of woman. Next, the research is continued with the remaining gender: male. Researchers have conducted a survey on 1500 men, showed them the survey results and asked them what they think about the study. Surprisingly, the majority of this group agree that woman's too much expectation from her man being idealization is risky.

By seeing the list of priorities sought by many modern women, it bevels the truth that many of the modern women seeking their men of their liking are not grown much in mental maturity though happened to have possessed much more educational qualifications. Those men said that woman are too influenced by the media and films, thus, they have an unrealistic expectation of themselves or a potential life partner "Women these days are more demanding, before expecting much from man, its better to ascertain self first" said M. Chine - one from the survey.

Consequently, the survey showed the contrast between men and women about the image of the ideal men. While most of women set for themselves those ideal models, he men do not seem to be in agreement with this point of view "Women these days are more demanding" - said M. Chine The graph shows the identification of men about women's requirement. The majority of those men(75%) think that women 's expectation today is much higher than in the past. Only a few (6%) agree with this data number. 13 percent of those express a neutral opinion. And the 6 percent left strongly protest against the sentiments.

Beside men's option, parents also have their own ideal. Unlike Stationmasters women, Asian women are more like to concern about the parents' approval before starting a relationship of marriage. According to Dry Facet, from Bristol University, he said: 'Parents want all their daughters to end up with the same level of support, so to achieve this they give more to daughters who have less from their partner. 'But this leads to conflict over mate choice because daughters can afford to choose an unsupported partner in the knowledge their parents will pick up the slack. He added: 'The conflict over parental choice. ' At the time, it's critical that the daughter stop playing defense. There are reasons that make perfect sense to the parents about why the boyfriend is not the right guy for heir daughter and she's not going to be able to change their minds if she is not look at the same perspective and point of views of the parents. As Asian traditional culture, women must Respect the parents even though they don't approve the relationship. The parents have been around for many years and have more experience in relationship department.

Also, the parents can evaluate the pros and cons, most of the daughter in the research, they stated that: "Parents' disapproval is a sign that you should stop your relationship. " Communicating is also one of the best ways to do when there is no approval. Talking o the parents of both sides to ensure that they all understand the situation and personalities of the boyfriend and even girlfriends so that might conduct a better result and changing the parents' approval through the time as long as the boyfriend's respect to the parents of the women.

Graph Explanation: The pie chart illustrates the opinion of 100 ladies at the age from 18-25 years old on the survey question that "Is parents' approval affected by the first appearance of daughter's boyfriend? " there is 76% of ladies say yes that the first appearance is important factor for her parents' approval on her relationship; while another 24% says their parents don't care about the first appearance. So what should the daughter do when her parents did not approve for the relationship?

Graph Explanation: The graph above was a result of 100 ladies' willingness to do when their parents do not approve for the relationship with their mate. There were 67% of ladies stated that communicating and trying to convincing their parents can help for you relationship get better. Another 20% stated that love is much more important than only one approval; therefore, leaving home with the partner is referred choice while there are mom of 43% would keep their relationship regardless the parents' approval. Therefore, parents play an important role in their daughter's choice of mate regarding a serious relationship.

In Asian family, daughter still must give the authority to the parents to choose the boyfriend. First appearance of the boyfriend is one of the most important factors that affect the relationship; most parents like the standard appearance for their daughter, which is neat, gentle and knowledge gentleman, to ensure the happy life in the future for their daughter. Ill. CONCLUSION: most suitable with them. All of aspects were mentioned this the former part are the most common standard on which the women based to choose the good men. Therefore, they can be read by men so as to help the men succeed in love.

What type of man that girls are attracted to? essay

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