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What Is Your Academic Or Career Goal

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What is your academic or career goal? In 400 words or less I plan on going to college to pursue my major and become very successful in the future. I am ambitious. I choose to build a career in finance and accounting. I have chosen this career because Math is required for business. I have chosen the business field because I enjoyed my business classes the most. When I took business and finance, I learned things that I can use when I am out on my own in the future. I am determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish my dream Job.

My education is important to me; with this I will be able to become more successful in life. I would like to receive a scholarship from you. Please consider my scholarship needs. I desire a successful future. Please help me give something back to society. I believe that you can see my need. I believe that one can only succeed if they believe too. Thank you for your time and consideration. By going to college I will be able to have good education. This education will change me In a positive way.

By continuing on In recruit of a degree in business, I will develop into a positive Influence and a contributing factor for the betterment of society. With my enthusiasm for higher education, I will be able to obtain a great lifestyle. I know that In order for me to be successful, I must work my hardest. For me, failure Is never an option. I will continue to Influence my present and future family, as well as my surrounding community. It Is my duty to exemplify positive morals, strength, and how to be a successful black man In society. This Is essential for the success of future generations.

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What Is Your Academic Or Career Goal essay

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