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What I Learned in On-the-Job-Training?

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I've been on an On-the-Job-Training course for about 3 months now, and one of the hardest issues to face is how to PROVE YOURSELF- that you are really doing your job and that you deserve a good grade, not only to your supervisor but also to your workmates.

I’ve learned a lot of things in just 200 hrs of on the job training but I’ve noticed that there are still other things that I have to improve one of it is my verbal communication.

Nervousness and shyness are always when it’s you’re the first time. For many reasons, and a lot of stuff playing on my mind. Such, I do not know the people in the office; and I do not have any actual experience. That made me quiet at first. Trying to observe on how to get along with the employee.

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there are times that I’m having a hard time on expressing myself, my thought with others because I don’t exactly know how am I going to say it in a way that the listener could easily understand it and get my point.
Ever since I started my on-the-job training, more commonly called "internship," I have learned values that will help me build a brighter future.

Every day is a challenge for me to stand out. But I always have a winning attitude through the guidance of the Lord, and always tell myself, "I’m gonna win this."

I learned a lot of things during my OJT. I was not only exposed to actual office environment but I also realized what I really want even before the time I graduated. What career I would want to have, etc.
There are Important things I’ve learned. First is you need to please everyone And try as much as you can to be polite and nice to everyone, and do it with sincerity (Yung Hindi plastic). Because when we are kind to people, same kindeness returns to us. And smile always.

I was able to learn how to accept small or big mistakes. In this practicum, I’ve learned how to faced the real world and talked to different people. On my first day as a practicum, I thought I was not able to do well but as time past by I know I gained more self-confidence and self-esteem. I learned also how important time management is in this practicum.
I know sometimes I will fail and get criticized. But I take it as a challenge, to improve more, and to move forward instead of pushing myself backward.

I can say, I'm happy and fulfilled, being a part of PGC. I could probably say that I really learned a lot of things here. From the moment I set my feet on this place, I know I will be facing different challenges in being a part of this company but at the same time, I know that I will learn new things regarding the possible work that I will be doing in the company.

I gain knowledge. I learn new skills. I met different people. I can say that my personal experience here in PGC provides everything not just for the real world of securing employment but for me to look forward to after my graduation. Yes, someday I may be one of those applicants who are trying to seek a good job. And not just a good job but also a good company like PGC.

The whole OJT Experiences was really a great memory to remember. All the working days, learn that the most important is the attitude, on how to deal with the other people, it also needs knowledge and skills in analyzing the situation or the task that has given to you. Need to learn from your mistakes, because mistakes can make you a better person.

I say, "OJT here at PGC helps me to prepare myself for my future employment. It also helps me to become more efficient in dealing with the people around me.

Experience is the best teacher and nothing compares to the knowledge that it can give to us. It may be hard at first, but once we learn to appreciate and love what we’re doing, it became easier and easier every day. In the beginning, working with people you have just first met is something different and something that is hard inside. Hard inside that you can't say anything or do anything that you are usually saying because the near fact that you might offend them or they may think you’re rude. In my experience I have became an observant and a listener to the people I worked with.

As a trainee you will never avoid those who are strict and what they popularly called killjoys. Sometimes you may handle them but sometimes you'll just want to avoid them.

I learned to be punctual, to be respectful especially to those on the higher position, to socialize and build a harmonious relationship with other employees, to persevere and be patient, to be cautious in all the works that I do, to be humble and always eager to learn, and many more.

In my last day of OJT in Perfecto Group Company (PGC) I felt mixed emotions, partly happy and partly sad. Partly happy and rewarding because finally we’re done in this OJT subject that lasted for almost less than 3 months and partly sad because we’ll going to miss our trainers and other employees in PGC, especially to my crush here at PGC, Thank you so much Sir our friendship built in this company will surely last. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience and for the great people we’ve met along this learning journey.

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