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War Brings Out the Good in People

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War brings out the best in people War does not bring negative effects all the time. It does bring out the best in people. This is because during war people start caring more about everyone. The war unites people and makes them more courageous. During war time, people start caring more about everyone’s humanity. When people see, for example, a family in distress due to war, then people would become more hospitable and help them in every way they can. They might give them clothing, food and provide all their necessities, and also sometimes let them stay at their own place.

During the war time people become more united. For example, the town I lived in got bombed, then all the people in our town would get together to survive in the bad times. Even enemies will be united in these bad times . During war people will not only think about themselves, but they would also think about others too. For example, the people who live in the next town would collect money and help our town that was bombed. Even other neighboring countries would help us in times as these.

During the war time, people would get more courageous. This is because to survive people will have to be courageous. If they are not scared then they can somehow bare any sort of pain. But if people are scared they would not be able to face the ugly truth of war. To conclude, I would say that war does not bring bad in people. It does bring the good in people as the facts I have written above. Because of war people would be more hospitable, caring , courageous and be untied to survive together.

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War Brings Out the Good in People

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