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The Internet Brings About Some Disadvantages to Users and Society

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It is obvious that in today’s modern world, people access to information technology for granted. Although it is necessary for our life to contact with each other easily, technology also causes some problems, which affected relationship people. In my point of view, there are two aspects both positive and negative impact from technological development. Since the internet was invented, which has made great changes lifestyle in society, almost activities are able to implement with technology.

To start with, the online- communication tools such as: email, teleconference software, messenger… it is helpful to connect people, who live far from their family or colleagues work in different regions. For example, everyone can perform various activities by e-commerce like booking accommodation, flights, purchasing stuff…. without leaving home. Therefore, the internet becomes prevalent device in modern life, which seems like a major technological breakthrough. Otherwise, overusing the internet and neglecting the real life can lead to social isolation.

Researchers reveal that people who spend too much time at the computer tend to have difficulties when they communicate with somebody in real world. When internet access fills most people’s time, and even their leisure time, this is cause of disconnection with their family, friends or community. Furthermore, it also result in some health‘s problems such as obesity, myopia… In conclusion, technology has both pros and cons. In my opinion, the advantages are stronger than disadvantages; the internet brings many benefits and will not disappear. Thus people should learn to use technology efficiently so that we can limit their bad effects.

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