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A Social Activity That Brings the Best or, and the Worst of an Individual

There are many social activities these days that tend to show us that part of a person’s character that has remained hidden from public view for so long.

Activities such as company picnics, sports festivals seem to do the trick. But none of those activities can beat one of the most popular social activities that always bring out the competitive streak in an individual.

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I am talking about a class reunion.

A class reunion is a social activity wherein classmates and friends from past eras get together years later and try to catch up on each other’s lives and activities. During a class reunion, it seems that people have permission to revert to their old ways while in high school or college.

It is a social situation where old wounds are reopened but not necessarily healed by time or apologies. It is an event where people gossip about who is was voted the most successful and yet seems to be the biggest failure in life. It is a time for life comparisons and reflection. None of which helps a person’s self esteem or sense of importance about life and other things.

Class reunions are supposed to be a time of reminiscing and healing. Instead, it serves as a reminder to others regarding how they have not achieved the peak of success in their lives, or failed to achieve that which they bragged about in high school or college.

It brings out the worst in an individual because of the way the person is treated for not being able to achieve his classmates ideal of him. It can also be a social activity that brings out the best in an individual when he can brag about his successes in life and hold his classmates in his own personal court where he feels he can help those whom he deems as less fortunate than he is.

Think about. Ask your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, I am sure they will more than willing to tell you about the horror story that their class reunion turned out to be.

That is because after the pleasantries are exchanged, all that is left is to try to find the failures of each other. Just like when they were in regular school. Let’s face it, class reunions are their passport to acting like their immature counterparts in high school even if only for one night.