Vagueness, Ambiguity and clarity in writing

Vagueness, Ambiguity, and Clarity In Writing Coastland Bullock June 29, 2014 CRT. 205 In example three, the ambiguity causes this statement to have a lot of vagueness. When dealing with a situation such as collecting money for a project, all details should be clearly and factually stated first. The first thing said Is, next Sunday; along with this should be a date.

Also, when It says the collection will help with the cost I feel that the cost should be stated as well so that a goal can be set for the group as a whole. The rest of the statement is even more vague because all details of the project otherwise they may not be as willing to donate as much. Lastly, the end of the second sentence says to let the committee know if you would like to do something but they do not mention which committee is in charge of the project.

Being able to understand this example is not very difficult because its kind of common sense what they are getting at but it is a little hard understand all the details so therefore they may be less likely to get more help with the project. With these types of announcements, thinking critically in order to be clear in your writing is a vital aspect o incorporate into our work. Thinking deeply into whatever we are doing is important so that the result is clear and on point.

In example four, the entire statement is vague and unclear of what conclusion or point is trying to be made. I understood from reading it that they obviously agreed with what they read at first but as they continued to read they found out more, this type of writing makes this paragraph ambiguous. At first the reader agrees with what is being stated but after reading on, they become indecisive causing failure to make a choice. Never once was any information stated that said who, where, when, why, or what they were talking about.

The example uses words such as they, both, sort of, the author, something, and anything. Using these types of words and phrases will automatically make any writing or conversation vague and ambiguous. These two downfalls in writing influence understanding by not allowing the reader to know what is trying to be proved or concluded in the writing. This paragraph is not an example of clear writing because the writer was obviously not aware that whoever might read it may not know what or who they were talking about due to no details in the statement.

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