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Unme Jeans Case Analysis

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1. What problem confronts UNMe? The brand manager was trying to make a decision whether to advertise her brand in emerging social media. She has to consider the benefits and risks, how the new channel will work with the original media plan and what results she can expect.

2. What are the positives and negatives of UNMe’s current media plan? Current media plan: * 30-second TV ad on most popular programs for teenage girls * Full-page magazine print ad in beauty & fashion magazines * 60-second radio on Top 40 A corporate website * Online banner and display ad on the most popular websites for teenage girls * “key word” Google Positive: multiple ways can make UNMe reach maximum targeted market of women 12 to 24. The media she chooses are consistent with the style of UNMe, like Gossip Girl, American Idol, Top 40 radio and other online banner ad on girls’ favorite websites. She spends most money on TV ad, on which people spend most time on ad. Negative: audiences watching TV are declining. Consumer’s media habits were rapidly changing.

They are turning from traditional media, such as TV, magazines and radio to new media choices. Consumers were devoting much more time to online channels. Since there is advertising clutter, the percentage of advertising that consumers remember was as low as 1% to 3%. So having more channels may lead to more costs than revenue.

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3. What are some potential benefits and risks to utilizing Web 2. 0 media tactics for UNMe? Benefits:  consumer co-creation, social affiliation, digital self-expression, sharing.

Consumers can directly contribute to the online conversation. Women of 12 to 24 can create their own design of UNMe jeans on Facebook and share their designs. Web 2. 0 makes consumers more like participants with other people than being individual. They can also comment on other people’s design and forward it to more people, which increase the influence of UNMe. It’s an easy way to connect with their friends and family. MySpace and Facebook allow people to create their own profile online so that they can have social network and link with other friends.

Young women have an enthusiasm in expressing their identities online. Web 2. 0 makes people to “be online” rather than “go online”. We can see from the exhibit 6, visitors of Facebook, YouTube are increasing quickly each year. 47% of teenagers and 69% of young adults have a profile and contact users and the majority of them visit social websites everyday. (Exhibit 7) The typical members of Facebook are high school and college students, highly matches the targeted market of UNMe.

Risks: investment in new advertising channel is risky. Foley has to be sure that the money she spends on social media will make higher or comparable revenues as traditional TV, magazines and radio. There might be a lack of control over the content online. Some information on Facebook, youtube, Zwinktopia is inappropriate for UNMe and may have a negative influence on consumers.

4. How specifically should Foley integrate social media into her media plan (if at all)? Why?

Unme Jeans Case Analysis essay

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