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CACHE Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education. Unit 3: Supporting Children Dressing Appropraitely- To be a good role model for young children in a school setting, i think it's very important to dress appropriately. When i'm at my placement i wear my college T-shirt to make it clear to staff and parents that i'm not a member of staff and that i am only a student. It is very important that parents know that i am only a student, as they will know not to tell me any information or details that could put me in a uncomfortable situation.

I always make sure your hair is tied up to prevent any accidents that may happen, you should also make sure your make-up looks natural as you will look more friendly to the children and it will show you respect the schools rules. Dressing appropriately makes you more approachable to the children than someone with lots of make-up on. Using Positive Language - It is very important to use good and positive language around young children. while children are young they can copy most things you say to them so you need them to be copying positive language. sing good and positive language around children can teach them about good manners, you teach good language through communicating with the children, by having conversations and doing different activities with them. While i'm on my placement i am always hearing the children say something i had said to them earlier on, this made me realise how quickly they pick up on things you say to them. I now know to keep using good and positive language to and around the children to encourage them to do the same. Being Helpful - Being helpful is a great way to be a good role model.

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When i'm on my placement i am always asking my supervisors if i can help out with anything around the classroom. If there is ever a time that i have nothing to do or i'm not sure what i'm meant to be doing i always ask if i can join in with the activities that they are doing. I think joining in with activities that the children are doing is a great way to build positive relationships with them and they know that you enjoy being abit silly with them. When all the children have finished playing with the toys they have got out i always encourage them to tidy it up and put it back where they found it. ncouraging children will teach them that they always need to tidy up after themselves and tidy away the toys that they have been playing with. You should always show then children when and how to tidy up. All this can help them progress their hygiene skills. Being Organised - While i'm on my placement i try to be as organised as i can be. I always make sure that i'm wearing my placement T-shirt and i have always got my folder. It's very important to encourage children to be organised themselves, you can do this by getting them used to their classroom routines which will help them be more independant.

Helping the children to tidy up after themselves can also get them organised, as soon as they learn that they should always clear up after themselves the children will keep on doing it. Always remind the children what they should be doing, for example at home time they need to remember all the things they need to take home with them. Repeating the things they need to take home will help them remember and will stick in their mind this should make things alot easier. Appropriate behaviour - The most important thing to being a good role model is to always behave appropriately around children.

When working in a primary school we can behave appropriately by talking to them on their level and not talking down to them. We should also let them know what sort of behaviour is expected of them while they are in our class and make them aware of the concequences of mis-behaving. If they are upset or hurt we should sit them down and talk to them being sympathetic about what has happened. If there is someone in the class being disruptive or not listening we should try to get them more involved in the activities we are doing to help keep them busy.

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