Train Traffic Monitoring System

Last Updated: 18 Apr 2023
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Operation Management System (OMS) which is provided by Mitsubishi Heavy industries is a software which is been operated in Operation control center (OCC). It is the main heart of the entire monitoring system where all the activities are been monitored and implemented it as per the commands given. It also automatically sets routes and controls the trains as the train diagrams received from traffic planning department. If case there is a delay of a train, it continues to recommend the best route and controls based on train diagrams accepted.

OMS is been divided in 3 major category that is Tracking of the trains, train route control and sequence assessment. OMS communicates with all the departments and also sends the information of the trains to the required departments. We shall discuss how it is benefited. 1. Operation Information systems for staff Such Operation information systems for staff is located in every station and provides the station, train and maintenance staff with the required information regarding train status and the latest train diagrams in real time.

All such information of the trains and its status updates is been provide by OMS to the OIP. It also provides support for maintenance workers for creating their schedules and performs their job safely. 2. Traffic Planning department It creates train routes based on the traffic plan prepared and sends to the OMS, whereas the plan is been implemented by the OMS and send back the actual diagrams of the train routes which is been implemented with their timings and other such information. This would help the planners to have the actual data and optimize their work with better results and proper planning.

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