To Kill A Mockingbird and Same

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To Kill A Mockingbird and Same love's Theme Comparison No matter what time period we are living, there is and always will be diversity, people with different ways of thinking, and discrimination. Both in the story To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee and in the modern song titled "Same Love", by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, share an obvious theme, Do not worry about what people say about you; it is okay to be different.

In the story To Kill A Mockingbird, the Finch family has to face societys negativity in order to stand for what they believe in. During the 1930s, African Americans were not treated the same way as white people. They were looked down on and were not welcomed by most white people, but the Finch family was different. One of the protagonists, Atticus Finch, believed in equality for everyone. He had an African American helper named Calpurnia and treated her as if she was family.

Atticus was a lawyer who was asked to defend an innocent African American man win a case down South during the 1930s. When the word went around in his little hometown, Maycomb, he and his children had to deal with the racism of the people who lived in Maycomb and the negativity surrounding their feelings toward "niggers". This did not stop Atticus or upset him; he simply kept his head up and kept doing what he believed was right, treating everyone equally.

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The song "Same Love" discusses a very big topic in society today, accepting gays, just as "To Kill A Mockingbird" discussed a very big topic for its time, which was accepting African Americans. This song explains how it is to be different from veryone else and how it is to be something that many people think is wrong. In the song it says, "If I was gay I would think hip-hop hates me. Have you read the YouTube comments lately? 'Man, that's gay gets dropped on the daily some would rather die than be who they are. Today, a lot of people are afraid to show who they really are because they are afraid of what society will say. However, the song encourages people who are gay to "Progress, march on! " Just as in To Kill A Mockingbird, "Same Love" shares the theme do not worry about what people say about you, it is okay to be different. Because the time periods vary ach other, the topic society rages about is different, during the 1930s there was racism and for the year 2013 there is accepting gay marriage and gays in general.

There were good hearted people during the 1930s that had the mentality that everyone is equal and they had to deal with a racist society, which consisted of a larger population than the good hearted people. Today there are probably Just as many people who against being gay as there are people who believe that it doesn't matter what sex you like. Which comes to show, that there is always going to be diversity, people witn different ways ot living, hate, and discrimination.

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