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The Wolf of Wall Street Is a black comedy movie directed by Martin Scores, based on a true story of a man who makes millions. Leonardo Didactic plays Jordan Belabor, a penny stockbroker who wants to make a lot of money. He started a company, Stratford Oakmont. He starts small and starts ripping people off because of the way he trains people. He makes it to Wall Street, where the biggest stock market deals happen. They start to get a lot of attention because of how quick their success is. With fame and money come drugs.

Belabor does a lot of cocaine to stay on the edge of things and keep up with his competition. They throw a bunch of parties with their staff with all their money they are making. He makes it onto Forbes magazine, and that's how the feds find out about him. He tries to cover up his scams and make it not look so obvious for the feds, but starts to take the right approach and moves his money to a European bank. The feds find out about him and he has to make a decision If he wants to retire from his company and go to jail, and of course, because ex.'s Insane, he keeps the company going and It goes under.

The director made this movie was to catch the viewer's eye with a true story. It was very Interesting to watch because of all of the Parthenon going on through out the movie. The director produced this in a way of everything being very precise but at the same time giving it a Hollywood twist. All of the lighting, soundtrack and imagery are on spot and having Leonardo play the role of Mr... Belabor was excellent casting. It felt as though the movie had more than one climax as it as so exciting. The director told an interesting story.

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The story itself is crazy because it was real and it was done realistic. It is hard to believe that something like that could happen nowadays with all the surveillance. The actors did a good job, Leonardo Didactic, did a really superior Job in his role. The dry humor, the parties, and the drugs were funny. There was never really a slow scene, It always got right to the action. My generation would like this movie because they do young and dumb stuff like us, but really It Is a excellent movie for any high school and older audience.

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