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Save the Environment

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A speech: Save the environment !! ------------------------------------------------- Welcome everybody, today we are going to talk about us, about our environment, and our planet. ------------------------------------------------- Look around you people, what do you see? Wake up and open your eyes widely.

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Save the Environment

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. ------------------------------------------------ Trashes, factories, nuclear energy, bombes and chemicals are all destroying our planet. In fact we are the main reason of all those disasters. Human selfishness and economy importance are all causes. Unfortunately most of us don’t care about his personal environment forgetting that terrifying effects like diseases, desertification, and ozone layer’s hole, acid rain can all lead to our extinction.

Those dreadful global warnings and catastrophes around the world opened our eyes to the real hazardous situation we’re going to face for the next years if this pollution completes increasing. Every day in the News we hear about a new earthquake or an erupted volcano or a tsunami or a destroyed city. It’s getting really bad, all because the nature is angry about those threats. But there is always hope and never forget late is better than never. It’s our planet our future protecting it starting by now is the only solution to survive and to solve fauna and flora’s problems.

There is a million solution like saving water, stop logging, being more responsible green and sensitized, following the 3rs strategy, using biological products and of course searching for new natural sources of energy because simply if we don’t respect the fortune given to us we will lose it as soon as possible

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