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Ways to Save Energy

We live in the State of Louisiana and our electric is supplied by Enterer formally Gulf States utilities. Enterer provides electric for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas. Enterer supplies their electric to our parish from River Bend Nuclear Station in Saint Branchville, Louisiana in West Felicia Parish which Is only 17 minutes from where we are In Jackson, Louisiana.

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I did not have to research for the source of electric that our company use because this is where my second oldest son works.

At this time Enterer is also using renewable energy such as wind and hydro also In producing some of their electric. Last year at this time our electric bill was very high but I reduced our bill this year by only using lights that are needed at that moment, by setting our A/C at 780, only using our oven on the stove as needed, and reducing the usage of our microwave, of course everything in our home is electric so that do cause some problems, some people Just walk out of a room and leave the light on or go out of the door with the air on and leave the door open.

The idea of having heating oil or coal coming from Russia would put a change thin a lot of households, imagine having to pay close to $500-$600 Just for lights, there would be a big change with all people because this meaner that the amount of time that it take to use your stove for cooking would change, even the time that is spent on the internet for class or Just for fun would change and all those days from having a television on Just for noise In the background would have to end also.

Electric coming from Russia would mean a reduce of usage because there would be a raise in the price of oil, gas and coal. Currently the debate that has my attention has to do with the usage of high ethanol gas. This gas supposed to be cleaner and reduce the emission from regular gas. Currently our ozone layer is steady being destroyed from pollutions that are entering the environment.

Having high ethanol gas would help to reduce this emission but then also having flex-fuel vehicles or an electric vehicle would count towards helping the environment. Explaining Chart: Electric usage for television, computer, electric stove, oven usage on two days, hot water for bathing, cordless phone going down needed recharging, A/C on for cooling the home, ceiling fan on in the living room. Solar: Came to a good usage blinds up on windows did not have to use lights as often.

Gas: Two days In a row gas had to be put in our truck, husband and son job hunting and these two days were spent going out of East Felicia Parish looking for work, Gas was use going to the doctor for my monthly check-up which also made more gas added to the truck. Chart enclosed References Smith, J. Dune 26, 2011). How to Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency Rating retrieved trot mm. ‘. Correspondence. Com on August 21, 2013 Enterer The Power of People retrieved from wry. Enterer. Com on August