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Essay Summary of Save the Environment

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My environmental issue is trash pollution. Trash pollution is basically when people pollute area’s where animals and human’s live with trash that they don’t dispose of properly so it end’s up in the places that we don’t want it like the ocean, and places where we generally live by. Trash pollution is occurring all over the world. Where ever people live their is almost always trash their. People are to lazy to dispose of their trash the right way so they basically throw it on the street, on beach’s etc. The issue that are facing are wildlife is that the trash is destroying their environment and polluting their ecosystem. ne example is that in Hawaii the sea turtles are dieing because they get tangled in plastic soda holders and they are also eating the trash that floats in the ocean. Polluting the ocean kills a lot of the big animals too because if the food sources for the big fish all die then of course the big fish will start to die too. The challenges were facing is finding out how to stop it because its a international problem so its hard to stop it because no one know where its coming from or who is doing it so its hard to stop it completely.

Trash pollution is the worst in land because their is more trash on land then in the ocean and it does even more damage on land then it does in the ocean because its not only effecting the humans but the human’s main food sources and the land that they grow the different types of agriculture on. If we don’t have food we can’t survive and the main problem isn’t the polluting of trash, its how much trash we are actually generating because in a couple years almost all land fills will be full and their won’t be enough space for the other trash.

People have proposed solutions like recycling metals, plastics, and glass. In Hawaii, some location have places to recycle your bottle’s and cans and u can even get money for recycling your materials. That’s what i don’t get, people getting paid to recycle? And yet people still are too lazy. Its the best of both worlds because if i recycle my materials then then won’t end up in our landfills and i get a few extra bucks depending on how much materials i recycle to spend on anything i want like for gas in i need.

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Also people have created materials to substitute the materials that take along time to biodegrade. Companies have created biodegradable bags and wrappers for the food items they see to make their company more green and help the environment out. Why not recycle? well that is the global question that still can’t entirely be answered. Trash pollution has effected the economy in many different ways. In Economics, an externality is a cost or benefit, not transmitted through prices,[1] incurred by a party who did not agree to the action causing the cost or benefit.

A benefit in this case is called a positive externality or external benefit, while a cost is called a negative externality or external cost. In these cases in a competitive market, prices do not reflect the full costs or benefits of producing or consuming a product or service, producers and consumers may either not bear all of the costs or not reap all of the benefits of the economic activity, and too much or too little of the good will be produced or consumed in terms of overall costs and benefits to society.

If there exist external costs such as pollution, the good will be overproduced by a competitive market, as the producer does not take into account the external costs when producing the good. If there are external benefits, such as in areas of education or public safety, too little of the good would be produced by private markets as producers and buyers do not take into account the external benefits to others. Here, overall cost and benefit to society is defined as the sum of the economic benefits and costs for all parties involved. [2]

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