The Struggle Woman Face Today in the World

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Introduction: Now woman are reaching the equality they deserve but still some aspects of certain events have surely given woman their doubts. These events aren’t known worldwide; these are events that target woman in households or workplaces. These critical and ignoble events have taken this topic to a whole new level and that is why I have chosen it! Stress/Depression: When comparing which gender goes through more emotional problems like stress; woman experience more. Although the signs of depression are the same for men and woman, females undergo certain symptoms more often.

Woman are twice as likely to go through depression than men because of biological, psychological and social factors that they encounter in there life. This is definitely a struggle because carrying this burden of anxiety and worthlessness is not the only thing they worry about. Many women aren’t aware that they have been targeted by depression and that is the number one cause of suicides. One topic leads to another and this topic can never have an end! Family and Work Pressure: Woman that are married have 4 times more pressure to endure than married men.

Society and cultural opinions have clearly stated that a woman (when the suitable age) should be a proper wife and mother. Some woman in India, Africa, and Dubai are strictly raised to have the husband be the breadwinner. Now when woman have gained more equality and rights they still have the pressure to work and be house wives. Juggling work and family pressure is not an easy task and gets more wearying and depressing every time. Females in times like now go through so much more physical and emotional factors than men that comparing the statics seems unjustified!! Culture:

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Let’s talk about woman that live in countries that are major culturally influenced like in India, Pakistan, and China etc. Culture is a very significant topic regarding to woman because when you follow a belief there are rules set from before that influence decisions. Women are ranked below men in certain cultures if you can believe. Girls weren’t able to attend school before in places like India and when these girls grow up to become women they have no education completed and that obviously effect their work options. These small choices/decisions that is set from the very beginning because of culture affects a woman’s life significantly.

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