The Role Of Blooms Marketing

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Value is the customer's perception of all of the benefits of a product or service weighed against all the costs of acquiring and consuming it.

The mileage of a car would be considered as a(n):

  • A) functional benefit.
  • B) experiential benefit.
  • C) social benefit.
  • D) psychological benefit.
  • E)| internal benefit.

Feedback: Difficulty: Hard LO: 01-01

Topic: The Role of Marketing Bloom's: Apply AACSB: Reflective

Thinking Page: Value is the customer's perception of all of the benefits of a product or service weighed against all the costs of acquiring and consuming it. Benefits can be functional (the performance of the product), experiential (what it feels like to use the product), and/or psychological (feelings such as self-esteem or status that result from owning a particular brand).


How did integrated marketing communications (IMC) revolutionize the role of marketing?

  • A) It shifted marketplace power from retailers to manufacturers.
  • B) It led to increasing dependence on the advertising element of the promotion mix.
  • C) It led to the rapid growth and development of database marketing.
  • D) It created a lessening need for advertising agencies to be accountable for their actions.
  • E) It shifted marketing expenditure from non-traditional to traditional media advertising.

Feedback: Difficulty: Easy LO: 01-03

Topic: Reasons for the Growing Importance of IMC

Bloom's: Remember AACSB: Analytic Page: 14

Major characteristics of this marketing revolution include: the growth and development of database marketing. Many companies now have extensive databases containing customer names; geographic, demographic, and psychographic profiles, purchase patterns; media preferences, credit, and other financial information; and other relevant characteristics.


Which of the following statements is true about branding?

  • A) Organizations should not provide the same level of promotion to brands during recessions as they do during times of prosperity.
  • B) A well-known brand has a competitive advantage in the market.
  • C) Companies trying to sell their products internationally do not benefit from having a strong brand name.
  • D) The appeal of recognized brand names is declining.
  • E) Many organizations view the process of creating and maintaining a strong brand as a liability.

Feedback: Difficulty: Medium LO: 01-03 Topic: The Role of IMC in Branding Bloom's: Understand AACSB: Analytic Page: 15 With more and more products and services competing for consideration by customers who have less and less time to make choices, well-known brands have a major competitive advantage in today's marketplace.


Advertising would focus on creating a demand for MilkBone, a brand of dog biscuits, among consumers.

  • A) Selective-demand
  • B)Direct
  • C) Trade
  • D) Primary-demand
  • E) Secondary-demand

Feedback: Difficulty: Hard LO: 01-04 Topic: Advertising Bloom's: Analyze AACSB: Reflective Thinking Page: 20 Refer: Figure 1-4 Primary-demand advertising is designed to stimulate demand for the general product class or the entire industry. Selective-demand advertising focuses on creating demand for a specific company's brands.


The ad for Gills onions in Fresh Cut, a publication for people in the grocery business, encouraged store managers to stock up on the product. The ad is an example of _____ advertising.

  • A) consumer
  • B) trade
  • C) cooperative
  • D) comparative
  • E) primary demand

Feedback: Difficulty: Hard LO: 01-04 Topic: Advertising Bloom's: Analyze AACSB: Reflective Thinking Page: 20 Refer: Figure 1-4 Advertising targeted to marketing channel members such as wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. The goal is to encourage channel members to stock, promote, and resell the manufacturer's branded products to their customers.


Several years ago, consumers could get a free Bart Simpson to watch if they collected and mailed in three Universal Product Codes from boxes of Kellogg's cereal. Which element of integrated marketing communications was being used in this case?

  • A) Sponsorship
  • B) Interactive marketing
  • C) Direct-order advertising
  • D) Sales promotion
  • E) Exchange advertising

Feedback: Difficulty: Hard LO: 01-04 Topic: Sales Promotion

Bloom's: Analyze AACSB: Reflective Thinking Page: 23 Sales promotion is generally defined as those marketing activities that provide extra value or incentives to the sales force, the distributors, or the ultimate consumer and can stimulate immediate sales.


SoBe beverages was a major sponsor of the Gravity Games, which included contestants performing 360-degree turns in mid-air while on motorcycles, competitive skateboarding, and other extreme sports. By co-sponsoring this event, SoBe was indulging in:

  • A) trade advertising.
  • B) direct marketing.
  • C) personal selling.
  • D) primary-demand advertising.
  • E) public relations.

Feedback: Difficulty: Hard LO: 01-04 Topic: Publicity Bloom's: Analyze AACSB: Reflective Thinking Page: 25 Public relations uses publicity and a variety of other tools-including special publications, participation in community activities, fund-raising, sponsorship of special events, and various public affairs activities to enhance an organization's image.


Advertisements, websites, press releases, brochures, and point-of-purchase displays are all examples of:

  • A) intrinsic touchpoints.
  • B) company created touchpoints.
  • C) consumer-created touchpoints.
  • D) unexpected touchpoints.
  • E) extrinsic touchpoints.

Feedback: Difficulty: Easy LO: 01-05 Topic: IMC involves Audience Contacts Bloom's: Remember AACSB: Analytic Page: 26 Company created touchpoints are planned marketing communication messages created by the company such as advertisements, websites, news/press releases, packaging, brochures and collateral material, sale promotions, and point-of-purchase displays along with other types of in-store decor.


During an internal analysis conducted for the creation of the marketing plan of PSA Peugeot Citroen, Europe's second-biggest car manufacturer, the company would have discovered:

  • A) a potential market in the United States.
  • B) the image of the company as an efficient manufacturer.
  • C) how competition from Volkswagen is impacting the company's growth.
  • D) untapped target markets.
  • E) the current demographic trends in the environment.

Feedback: Difficulty: Medium LO: 01-06 Topic: Promotional Program Situation Analysis Bloom's: Remember and Understand

AACSB: Analytic Page: 29 Another aspect of the internal analysis is assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the firm or the brand from an image perspective. Often the image a firm brings to the market will have a significant impact on the way the firm can advertise and promote itself as well as its various products and services.


The external analysis (done for the creation of the marketing plan) of the situational analysis would examine:

  • A) the image of the company or the brand.
  • B) the characteristics and buying patterns of the firm's customers.
  • C) the firm's ability to implement the promotional program.
  • D) the selection and evaluation of the ad agency.
  • E) the results of the previous marketing plan.

Feedback: Difficulty: Easy LO: 01-06 Topic: Promotional Program Situation.

Analysis Bloom's: Remember AACSB: Analytic Page: 32 An important part of the external analysis is a detailed consideration of customers' characteristics and buying patterns, their decision processes, and factors influencing their purchase decisions.

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