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IT and Information System’s Role in Sales and Marketing at Motorola

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The development and innovation of products can be the most exciting and critical time for a business. This is because, for most, innovation can be a make it or break it situation for the company, meaning that if the product selected is developed and marketed well it can help the company remain competitive in the future. However, if the product fails it could spell doom for the company. Since 1920, Motorola has been selecting between projects/products and marketing them with great success, and yet there have been times when the selection and marketing techniques have lead them in the wrong direction.

Role of IT and IS in Communication Technology From Motorola Perspective Motorola has been following the same form of selection for many years. Motorola spends most of their resources on what they would say are products that are closely tied to our goals of making technology that delivers the communication you want, when you want it and wherever you want it. It could be said that Motorola has been following a selection process that is related directly to their Core Competencies, Vision and the affects of the S-Curve.

Innovations are chosen that help to extend the life cycle of a product or start a new product S-Curve while still staying focused on their core technology. (1) Since they are expanding on the core product line they are sticking to the Core Competencies and vision of the company. They also play with what they call out there technologies but these still follow their vision of making communication better for all. Researchers at the Motorola Labs facilities spend their time making products better for the company's customer base.

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IT and Information System’s Role in Sales and Marketing at Motorola

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They ask themselves three important questions to insure that the job is done to the best of their ability and remain focused on the strategic plans of Motorola. The three questions are: "How can I make it easier for people to communicate with each other? " "How can I make it easier for people to communicate with their stuff? " "How can I solve other problems for people by making some things so smart that they can communicate with other things? " (12) These fundamental questions help Motorola researchers make the crucial decisions regarding where funding and time will be spent on the research and development of their projects.

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