The role of marketing and how valuable it is for a successful business

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In this First Unit of my AS Course I will be looking at the role of marketing and how valuable it is for a successful business. Unit 1 will be based on marketing and I will show evidence of successful marketing. Unit 1 will require me to look at various stages in the marketing process; however I will be looking at a medium-to-large sized business. It will require me to produce a good marketing proposal to try an attempt a successful launch of a new product in the market. In this Unit the product I will be looking at will be 'Luxury Ice Creams'.

The Proposal will take the form of an oral presentation, where-by group members will be talking about their particular field in the proposal. The Presentation will also feature visual aids, such as Pictures, Videos and PowerPoint Presentations, through out which the Product will be shown with great explanation. The Presentation will then lead to the final evaluation to where either the Proposal was successful or not to the market, however the Product will be carefully researched and detailed evidence of the market research will be shown.

The Market Proposal will be based on a new Luxury Ice Cream that will be put on the Market to compete with leading business e. g. successful brands. The Business that I will be looking at will be Beechdean Dairies, and I will talk about their business. I will be researching on some of Beechdean's Products, which include luxury Ice creams and looking at group discussions I will come with an Ice Cream similar to Beechdean's but in a different flavour/packaging or size. The research on Beechdean dairies will give me some basic Idea of the business, and what make the business 'tick'.

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The business is a medium sized company based in heart of the Chiltern Hills in UK. In conclusion I should find my customer needs, what customers want as their Luxury ice cream, what flavour they might prefer and what price are they looking forward to pay for it. All this data will be summed up for a total theory of what is need as a new product in the market. Beechdean's is not a very large business but it is a successful business, over the coming pages I shall talk more about it. Background Information about Beechdean Dairies

Beechdean's started off in 1989 in the Heart of Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire, England. Beechdean's farm owns over 400 cows which provide a year round supply of fresh milk with high cream content, required for the quality of ice creams produced by Beechdean's. However Beechdean's has a limited range of flavours, but their flavours are very exclusive, not much companies provide flavours similar to Beechdean's. Beechdean's has limited resources of Ice creams supplies, so they only sell their Ice Creams to some business nearby, for e. g. Asda, Waitrose and some Off Licenses.

Beechdean's has a limited range of exclusive products for e. g. scooping range, Belgian waffles, Dairy Ice cream Tubs and Beechdean Bob Range. Their flavours include; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Choc Chip, Blackcurrant Cheesecake, Cinnamon, Honey & Ginger, Rum & Raisin, Sticky Toffee Fudge, Pistachio Coffee Amaretto, Lemon Meringue, White Chocolate Swirl, Coconut, Hazelnut, Banana & Butterscotch. All of their Products are made with fresh dairy cream, from cows in the herds producing Jersey Milk. They use fresh double cream to give it a rich and creamy taste.

Beechdean's doesn't provide a big range of supply for Ice Creams, but however they provide from a 110ml small tub to a 500ml family tub and a four litre catering tub. Beechdean's also features a Beechdean Bob range of Ice Creams has a target group of local teenagers as they have made the packaging with pictures of cartoon namesake. Marketing Objectives of Beechdean Dairies Beechdean's has many different marketing strategies such as the marketing objectives as a Business. Marketing will help understand what our customers want and does it match the customer needs.

Marketing provides us with some objectives to follow without the basic objectives is hard to make out plans happen. Identify Customer Needs Beechdean's needs keep their customers back - basically not letting them go. Beechdean's should offer regular customers a special discount maybe some sort of offers, or may be free taste of their products. They can do this by giving something called 'try before you buy' so that customers know what they are buying, is not any regular ice cream, it has special ingredients used in them.

Beechdean can keep a hold of their customers by giving regular customers sort of a discount card or a voucher that entitles them to maybe receive '10% off next purchase' something they can do to keep their customers happy. One suggestion could be; in a hot sunny day Beechdean's can provide a small stall near their company that will entitle members of the public to have a free taste of their ice cream and if they are interested they can guide them to their company to they can make an order Competition

One of the main marketing objectives of Beechdean's is competition; Beechdean's has quite a few competitors in their luxury ice cream range but they are a little ahead because they produce Special Ice Creams. However Beechdean's is a small business and they cannot compete with some of the leading brands such as Walls. One of the competitors of Beechdean's can be Carte Dor, they too produce a variety of luxury ice creams mainly to large supermarkets e. g. Tesco, Sainsbury's Asda's. Competitor:

Haagen Dasz is also one of the competitors of Beechdean clearly because both produce a similar product which is 'luxury Ice Creams' but Haagen Dasz plays a big role in the market as it is a multinational company, they spend a lot on advertising and their business has expanded widely to provide luxury Ice Creams all over the world. Beechdean's is a company that only sells their products regionally, to specified area's in the UK such as Buckinghamshire, whereas as Haagen Dasz supplies Ice Creams to nearly every single supermarket and many corner shops. However Beechdean's only provides ice creams so specific regions in U.

K. Carte' Dor produces a variety of luxury ice creams and they are priced competitively thought out, however Beechdean's can be a little expensive but the quality of ingredients they offer is very luxurious (rich in ingredients). The common things between Beechdean's and Carte' Dor are that they both produce luxury Ice creams, both of the companies offers a variety of range of ice creams, although Carte Dor offers a cheap price in the market whereas Beechdean's is a little expensive but they produce excellent quality of ice creams that are 'rare' to the market.

What's special about Beechdean Dairies? What is special about Beechdean's is they use special ingredients to create their Ice Cream their Unique Selling Point (USP) would be that they the use high content of creamy milk fresh from the cows, Beechdean's has a herd of over four hundred cows and high content of fresh creamy milk is taken out from their daily - One the Beechdean's why produces really creamy Ice Creams. Developing New or Improve existing:

If Beechdean's produces better ice creams flavours or any reduction in price then they are likely to get more customers, this will make them earn more profit. As Beechdean's dairies is a small business and what they provide to market is very rare they should add new flavours to their ice cream to gather more public interest e. g. Beechdean's manufactures Sorbets, so if they use some different flavours such as Passion Fruit & Mango Flavour then this would be something abit new to the market.

If they were to launch these new Sorbets then at the beginning they should price their sorbets a little low on price, if they feeling that the sorbets and selling successfully then they should start increasing the price, so they don't loose out on anything. Beechdean needs to spend a little money on advertising, because some people might not even know that if Beechdean's does really exist in the market or not. If Beechdean's is earning good profit they each and every customer is vital for them, they should not loose customers as their revenue will go down.

Improve Existing flavours If Beechdean's adds extra toppings to their ice creams say for e. g. Chocolate ice cream with little chocolate bits (maybe like Flake) then this might interest the younger generation. Beechdean's needs to start adding value to their products by simply offering more flavours, better state, better packaging and good ice cream features they are selling 'Luxury Ice Creams'.. Communicating effectively with customers:

Beechdean's needs to communicate effectively to their needs to their customers, maybe if they have a good customer service this will make the buyers feel more confident that what they are supplying is of very high standard. Communication is very vital for Beechdean's they need to treat their customers very nicely to avoid losing any customers. Always keep their customers happy. Beechdean's needs to keep their customer happy, one of the ways is to provide good forms of communication with them, where ether if it's via telephone or face to face.

Members at Beechdean's need to be very nice to their customer, one of the ways is to give customers a full refund if they are not happy with their product or provide additional services such as Direct mail, if customers are not happy or if they have any complaints they can email Beechdean's straight away. Constraints Something that could be holding Beechdean's is that they do not advertise as much as other leading brands, Beechdean's needs to start spending money on advertising may interest other buyers to consider Beechdean's.

If Beechdean's spends some money on advertising in local bill board's then people will start thinking that there is a company called Beechdean's and it does exists, and they sell luxury ice creams. Another aspect that could be holding Beechdean's back would be that they are based somewhere in Chiltern Hill's area which mainly part of the countryside so many people might not know about them, if customers might like to try out their ice creams they would have to go very far to purchase a single tub of ice cream. For some people this would be very far and they will just any other supermarket ice cream.

To improve this, Beechdean's needs to open another branch to sell ice creams or they should distribute their ice creams evenly to major areas in the UK. It is very important for Beechdean to supply their Ice Creams to more places through out the UK, this will attract more people - aware them of their business. Functional Area's of a Business Functional areas play a big part in the business, they are one of the main concepts of a business, and they decide what is going where to make the business work. There are various functions of a business and they all link with each other to make a business 'tick'.

Customer Service: Beechdean's has a customers services are they most important element for a Business, keeping good customer service keeps good business reputation. The job of the customer service person is to pass over basic information to all aspects of the business, and the role of the other areas of the business is to fulfil their requests as they are set by the customers. The basic customer service request could be to answer telephone calls, take on orders, mass on messages from one area to another, resolve any customer disputes etc....

Beechdean's customer service staff will also take on; any form of complaints, returns / exchange or any general queries by customers. The role of the customer services plays a big impact on the business; it provides useful information collected by other members to run a good business and to fulfil all needs. To keep a good customer service, member of the staff need to communicate effectively with customer, take in consideration of what they say, and be co-operate with them.

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