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The Reflections On Observations Carried Out Education Essay

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Joe is a 13 old ages old pupil. During the Primary school, his behavioral and learning troubles and his academic advancement were the instructor and parents chief concern. He was unable to concentrate and finish his work and was holding jobs to maintain up with the course of study. The Education Psychologist assessed him with terrible dyslexia when he was 8 old ages old. It was noted that although attending troubles were impacting significantly his literacy undertakings, his literacy troubles were more declarative of deficient exposure to reading and spelling regulations. Furthermore, it was reported that Joe has terrible dyslexia, which was impeding his advancement at school. At the Child Guidance Clinic he was besides assessed with oppositional noncompliant upset.

Joe manifests low ego regard and assurance in the manner he behaves. He often mentions that he is non good for anything and when person praises him, he does non believe it.

He has troubles in authorship and reading, even though he has an astonishing spoken vocabulary and fertile imaginativeness.

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Joe receives the support of a shared acquisition support helper which has to back up three other pupils.


`` For a dyslexic who does non yet know they are dyslexic, life is a large high wall you ne'er think you will be able to mount or acquire over. The minute you understand there is something called dyslexia, and there are ways of acquiring around the job, the whole universe opens up '' ( Successful Peoples with Dyslexia - Jackie Stewart, international race auto driver ) .

The universe we live in today is full of print so it is really easy to understand why both spoken and written linguistic communication is so of import and necessary in human communicating. Besides at school we are still depending excessively much on literacy.

One can easy understand the concern of both parents and pedagogues when they notice the first marks of specific larning jobs such as dyslexia, when a pupil despite of equal intelligence and educational chances is still non doing the coveted advancement in countries of larning which involve literacy but at the same clip he is making highly good in topics which do non affect reading and authorship.

`` All right, '' I told myself, `` you may non be the brightest male child in the school, but you know every bit much about autos as any of your friends. You may hold to work a spot harder, do things in a somewhat different manner. You may hold to pay excess attending to detail, but you can make it. ''

( The Telegraph 2007 - Jackie Stewart, international race auto driver ) .

Normally when we hear about the word dyslexia, we associate it with reading, composing, spelling and Maths jobs but that is merely one face of the learning disablement. Harmonizing to Ronald D. Davis, an writer who he himself has dyslexia, there is the positive side of Dyslexia. He mentions several famous persons with dyslexia and insists that these people are masterminds because they have dyslexia. Davis references eight basic abilities which harmonizing to him all dyslexics portion. These eight abilities harmonizing to Davis if non suppressed, invalidated or destroyed by defenders or instructors, will ensue in two features: higher than normal intelligence and extraordinary originative abilities. ( Davis, 1997 ) .

Contemplations on observations carried out

Parents should be a valued beginning of assessmentA

When I was given the blessing to detect Joe, I was advised that unluckily due to familiar jobs it would non be wise to detect him in out of school environment. At the same clip I was informed that alternatively I could repair an assignment with his female parent at school. As I know that parents are an first-class resource of information, I did n't waver to repair this meeting. `` Parents are an priceless portion of the instruction squad and if they are non to the full included both the school and the student will be disadvantaged. ''

( Grech Louisa & A ; Philip cited on Azzopardi A. , 2010:52 ) .

I learned that Joe is really originative at place, particularly in place decorating jobs. His female parent besides informed me that she herself has dyslexia and so she could sympathize with his defeat when he has to read and compose and when he experiences reluctance to go to school due to feelings of failure. She still remembers what she had to travel through back in clip, when there was less awareness about larning disablements. This shows that when a household member is sing a learning disablement all the household is affected frequently in a negative manner ( Dyson, 1996 ) .

The term 'specific larning disablement ' means a `` upset in one or more of the basic psychological procedures involved in understanding or in utilizing linguistic communication, spoken or written, which disorder may attest itself in the imperfect ability to listen, believe, talk, read, compose, spell or make mathematical computations '' ( IDEA 2004 ) ( as cited in Falzon class notes 2013 ) .

Troubles in literature


I observed that spelling is one of the activities which pose most challenges for Joe. Spelling errors could be noticed even in short words and across both linguistic communications. He was observed utilizing phonemic spelling for non phonemic words.

Joe experiences troubles with disorderly spelling. As he can non trust on his ocular memory to assist him, he attempts to spell words in a manner in which although all right letters are at that place, they are written in the incorrect order. `` Disorderly spellings ' show that the kid is sing trouble with ocular memory '' ( Dyslexia Teacher ) .

I 've frequently observed that Joe becomes really defeated when he hands over his assignments to his instructor or LSA as when they look into his work he ever has many errors. It would assist if pedagogues adopt certain schemes when rectifying. Correction should be done discretely and off from equals. Red ink should be avoided and merely one type of error should be corrected at a clip so the pupil will non experience abashed. Using the phoneme count game during rectification can assist Joe. In this activity, Joe listens carefully to the sounds and counts them out and besides cleavage. He so tries to compose these words either on a laminated sheet or else he uses sandpaper letters. In this manner he can run his fingers over the letters and feels them. The most of import thing is to reenforce on a regular basis the words learned.


Joe besides experiences reading troubles, in fact Dyslexia is a specific trouble that is known to affects reading and spelling.

`` Dyslexia is characterised by troubles in treating word-sounds and by failings in short term verbal memory ; its effects may be seen in spoken linguistic communication every bit good as written linguistic communication '' ( Dyslexia Action, once Dyslexia institute 2007 ( as cited in Falzon class notes 2013 ) .

Fortunately during my observations, he was ne'er asked to read in public but I 've had the chance to listen while he was reading to the LSA. Joe reads really easy and when he tries to read faster he makes a batch of errors. I besides observed that Joe makes up the narrative utilizing illustrations or his imaginativeness. This has little or no relation whatsoever to the text which he is reading. He besides adds words which do non demo in the text. Joe can sound out parts of words but can non synthesise all the sounds into the whole word. His phonological accomplishments are non yet to the full developed and so he finds it hard to organize the sounds within words or to recognize syllables within a word. Joe experiences cleavage troubles and needs a batch of support to retrieve the order of sounds in a peculiar word.

Joe should ne'er be asked to read aloud to his equals. If he is willing to make so passage for reading should be given beforehand and text and founts be adapted harmonizing to his penchants. Besides coloring material of paper may cut down reading troubles ( Irien 2005 ) ( as cited on Azzopardi, 2010, pg100 ) .


Many pupils with larning disablements who have reading troubles besides may hold problem composing ( Walker, Shippen, Alberto, Houchins, & A ; Cihak, 2005 as cited in Salend, 2008, p.68 ) . While he is composing I observed that he reverses letters like `` vitamin D '' and `` B '' and `` Q '' and `` P '' . Joe takes really long to compose as he keeps spelling each and every word while he is composing. Besides he has troubles to bring forth thoughts and organize these thoughts into meaningful sentences. Besides while he writes his vocabulary is instead restricted. `` An scrutiny of their authorship may uncover jobs in the countries of thought coevals, text administration, sentence construction, vocabulary use, spelling and Grammar. These composing troubles can impact their public presentation across the course of study '' ( Salend, 2008 ) .

For written assignments, Joe should be given excess clip and be praised for his creativeness. Besides computing machines, word-processors and spell-checks are really of import. For a pupil like Joe who has issues with his script and his spelling, ICT can be of tremendous benefit ( Pollock et Al ) .

`` Every kid has the right of entree to the course of study, yet we take away that right from so many pupils '' ( Thomson, 2003 ) as cited on Azzopardi, 2010, pg.97 ) .

The National Minimum Curriculum states that `` We need to provide for the fact that all kids come to school with a different luggage and the Universal Designed acquisition ( UDL ) adheres to it. UDL is a model to extinguish barriers and do course of study accessible for all pupils by supplying:

* Multiple agencies of representations of information to pupils.

* Multiple agencies of look by pupils to show what they know.

* Multiple agencies of battle to excite scholar 's involvement and motive.

We as pedagogues should get down earnestly believing about differentiated acquisition experiences if we truly believe in inclusion.

Troubles in Maths

While I was detecting Joe during assorted Maths lessons it was really obvious that he was happening it hard to prolong attending. Joe can make arithmetic really easy but for him word jobs and algebra are a existent concern. He besides shows hapless memory for sequences, facts and information that has merely been given. Geller and Smith ( 2002 ) suggested that: jobs in the perceptual registry, every bit good as short-run memory, may negatively impact the math accomplishment of pupils with larning disablements ( as cited on Bender, 2004, pg.216 ) .

During Maths, Joe shows dependance on finger numeration. Fortunately nobody of all time asked him to halt utilizing this method.

I commend the Maths instructor for supplying Joe with press releases and worksheets to forestall him from copying from the whiteboard. The lone expostulation I have is that he should hold given them to everyone else in category. In this manner, Joe would non be seen as the uneven one out.

I besides admire the manner in which the LSA works with Joe during this lesson. He reads the jobs for Joe and foreground the cardinal parts. At the same clip he encourages Joe to jot short notes about those cardinal parts. The LSA besides draws diagrams to assist him organize and understand better the information presented in the job as it is being presented in a ocular mode. I besides support the manner in which the LSA encourages Joe to look for words which are clearly highlighted on the press release alternatively of spelling them herself therefore cut downing learned weakness.

Harmonizing to Martin Seligman `` Learned weakness is the province of head created when an animate being or human being learns to act impotently, even with the agencies to get away or avoid an unpleasant state of affairs '' ( Helping Psychology, 2010 ) .

Troubles in Administration

`` You besides can promote pupils to work independently by assisting them develop their organizational accomplishments '' ( Finstein, Yao Yang & A ; Jones 2006 ; Mizelle, 2005 ) as cited on Salend 2008, pg.245.

From what I observed, Joe needs to be taught ways and agencies of how he can be more organized. During most of the lessons Joe needed motivating to bring his text editions and files. He was non certain which 1s corresponded to the lesson which was traveling on in the category. For him all the books seemed the same. Besides he frequently came to school without his prep.

I shortly realised that something had to be done in this respect. The LSA and the instructors should work hand in glove to implement administration schemes. Books, copybooks and files should be coloring material coded harmonizing to the topic. This would heighten acknowledgment. Besides as the LSA has to help more pupils he can promote peer coaction where other pupils assist Joe.

Besides an hypertrophied transcript of the timetable should be glued to his desk therefore doing it easier for him to cognize what is following. Before the pupil leaves the category, the LSA should do certain that Joe has packed all the books needed for analyzing and prep.

The instructor should besides make his or her portion. Home plants should be written on the board every bit early as possible during the lesson and the LSA should look into what he has written. The communicating book is another of import tool to better administration accomplishments.

Troubles in Behaviour

During my observations I observed that Joe has troubles to understand societal cues and to act in a socially acceptable manner in assorted scenes. He lacks interpersonal accomplishments and this impairs negatively on his ability to organize meaningful friendly relationships. Unfortunately he is regarded by some of his equals and instructors as socially troubled and this impinges on his self-pride and the self-esteem attributed to him by other pupils.

Children normally react to academic failure by neglecting in behavior. Why? Because so all eyes are on your kid 's bad behavior and non on her failure in reading and authorship. She 's labelled as boisterous, but that 's much easier for her to bear than being thought of as `` dense '' ( Wood, 2006, pg.64 ) .

Frequently bad behavior is dissembling the pupil 's emphasis and he is utilizing such behavior to show emotions. But it is really of import that the pedagogue prompts Joe to alter behavior.

Peoples with dyslexia must besides be encouraged to utilize their strengths to get the better of their failings. This will understate bad behavior.

`` They have many particular strengths which they should ever be encouraged to develop to the full. Their intelligence and normalcy in every other domain of life must be emphasised at all times, so they can carry through their possible '' ( Blight, 1998, pg.6 ) .

Joe should be supported to construct meaningful friendly relationship. This can be done by set uping schoolroom communities and circle of friends. By making so we would be making a supportive and caring community around the pupil and would besides be advancing the thought that diverseness is healthy.

`` Such community-building group activities promote friendly relationships and credence by making a category individuality that recognises the similarities and differences among pupils and the alone parts of each category member '' ( Harriott & A ; Martin, 2004 ; Obenchain & A ; Abernathy, 2003 ) ( as cited in Salend, 2008, pg.234 ) .

Troubles in motor accomplishments

Deficits in all right motor accomplishments, have besides been identified in footings of the characteristically hapless script ( Benton, 1978 ; Miles, 1983 ) , and copying in immature kids ( Badian, 1984 ; Rudel, 1985 ) , coupled with trouble to bind shoe lacings ( Miles, 1983 ) as cited on Reid et al 2008, pg.83.

Although the psychological study states that `` Gross motor developmental mileposts featured age-appropriately '' , it should hold mentioned the all right motor accomplishments which as I have observed still necessitate to better and dysgraphia. Joe still has troubles in cutting, pulling, and binding his shoe lacings. He holds his pen excessively tightly and exerts heavy force per unit area when composing with the consequence that his motions are restricted. This is one ground why he finds composing so hard and boring. I have besides observed that spacing between words is non standard and often his composing expressions like a whole block of text. Besides he can non maintain within the lines while composing. Joe 's composing floats above and cuts down through the lines and his letters are frequently uneven.

I besides had the chance to detect Joe 's position during the lessons. He frequently slouches in his chair and sits awkwardly at his desk. This continues to encroach negatively on his script.

It is an absolute necessity that Joe 's script is improved. This can be done by learning him and supplying him with chances to pattern the uninterrupted authorship manner.

`` The most widely recommended script manner is called uninterrupted longhand. Its most of import characteristic is that each missive is formed without taking the pencil off the paper and accordingly, each word is formed in one, fluxing motion '' ( British Dyslexia Association ) .

Besides we should guarantee good position, where the chair and desk are in the right tallness and the pupil is sitting directly with his pess level on the land.

I would besides urge that Joe is seen by an Occupational healer which could give him regular exercisings to beef up his fingers and custodies musculuss.

`` Daily pattern is the ideal. A small and frequently is better than a hebdomadal endurance contest session. Motor accomplishments develop with ripening, pattern and experience '' ( Branson, 2007, Pg.54 ) .

Troubles in Self-Esteem

`` I come to school.

I see all the other friends.

Who can rite and read.

But me, I 'm all on my ain

Not good at riteing.

Not good at reading.

I site on my bed,

I cry I cry and I cry.

But I boh't see why.

It 's so hared for me.

Ca n't you see? ''

By Jodie Cosgrave, age 11. ( as cited in Social and Emotional Aspects of Dyslexia by Dr. Gilda Palti, 1996 ) .

As literacy accomplishments are so strongly emphasized in our current educational system, pupil like Joe frequently experience a great trade of failure as I had the chance to detect. These experiences adversely impact his ego regard. We as pedagogues need to demo him that he has both strengths and weaknesses precisely like anybody else. Praise at the appropriate times is really of import to increase motive. Educators can promote Joe to make activities where he can see success so he will be able to increase his self-esteem. That 's why it is of import for Joe to hold humanistic disciplines, physical instruction and IT lessons during the hebdomad. These are the countries in which he can stand out and experience satisfied about his schooling experience. With a batch of difficult work and doggedness, the pedagogues can lend to understate the effects of dyslexia and maximize the `` I am good as anyone else '' factor. Self-government is the ultimate end where the pupils use strengths to get the better of failings.

`` One indispensable component of authorization is self-determination '' ( Wehmeyer, 1993,1994 ) . Self-government is the antonym of erudite weakness. When pupils have control over their life, their self-pride is boosted. Besides when pupils are responsible for planning and determinations, people view them otherwise.

`` Self-government refers to volitional actions that enable one to move as the primary causal agent in one 's life and to keep or better one 's quality of life '' ( Wehmeyer, 2007, p.6 ) .

Troubles in Attention Comprehension and Memory

When the instructor negotiations for long periods of clip, Joe becomes highly defeated because he experiences troubles to prolong attending and because he has weak audile memory. The LSA adapts the notes which are taken during the lesson and high spots keywords to do it easier for him to retrieve them when revising. Unfortunately some instructors do transport on with the lesson even when they are to the full cognizant that Joe and other pupils are non following. To add abuse to injury when they use the whiteboard they write in a disorganized manner and chorus from utilizing any visuals so Joe finds it wholly impossible to follow.

To heighten his memory, the LSA could utilize a voice recording equipment to enter the instructor 's account. These recordings could so be used back at place to enable Joe to understand at his ain gait and to follow print with audile input. From clip to clip, Joe could besides be asked to verbally rephrase stuff taught to measure his comprehension and reinforce acquisition. Besides repeat should be uninterrupted.

Concerted acquisition, where pupils are assigned to squads, and they all portion cognition and accomplishments and seek aid from others, can besides be good.

`` A concerted acquisition format that places more duty on group members is the larning together attack '' ( Johnson, Johnson, & A ; Holubec, 2002 ) ( as cited in Salend, 2008, pg.404 ) . Concerted acquisition besides avoids labelling.

Another scheme which the pedagogues can utilize is peer tutoring. A equal who demonstrates good comprehension accomplishments can help Joe in larning a new accomplishment.

`` In equal tutoring, one pupil coach assists another in larning a new accomplishment. Peer tutoring additions pupil larning across a scope of content countries and Fosters positive attitudes toward school for coachs and tutees '' ( Heron, Villareal, Yao, Christianson, & A ; Heron, 2006 ; Miller 2005 ) ( as cited in Salend, 2008, pg.403 ) .

Peer tutoring besides increases motive as pupils enjoy working together and their academic public presentation improves. `` It besides promotes a greater sense of duty and an improved self-concept, every bit good as increased academic and societal accomplishments '' ( Spencer, 2006 ) ( as cited in Salend, 2008, pg.403 ) . Educators need to supervise while they are implementing this scheme.

The instructors should help his attending and comprehension by utilizing visuals, composing on the board in an orderly manner, utilizing non cursive and clear penmanship and utilizing different colorss on surrogate lines so Joe can follow better.

Teachers should besides be made cognizant that as pupils like Joe think chiefly with images and feelings the usage of structured multi-sensory techniques is greatly encouraged. Multi-sensory methods increase the concentration p of pupils.

`` Dyslexic kids need to utilize structured multi-sensory methods. This means utilizing as many senses as possible at a clip to do learning easier-looking, hearing, stating and making '' ( Dyslexia Teaching Today often asked inquiries ) .

Students with Dyslexia can profit enormously from the sensitiveness of the schoolroom instructors who implement some appropriate schemes without needfully incurring excess loads. `` Low outlooks lead to limited attempt, high outlooks lead to defeat, a realistic assessment of each topic is hence indispensable '' ( Christine Firman, 1998 as cited on the Malta Independent ) . The pedagogues are responsible to supply meaningful and actuating acquisition and should be cognizant of the pupils ' metacognition. Besides they must non overload pupils with inordinate information.

Vygotsky believed that, `` instructors should play an informative function invariably steering and fostering their students in order to better their attending p, concentration, and larning accomplishments, and so construct up their competency ( as cited on Collin et al.,2012, pg. 270 ) .


During these last old ages at that place have been greater attempts to increase consciousness about dyslexia. However despite all this, stigma about this status is still rampant. Some pedagogues are still sceptic about dyslexia and this attitude is harming pupils and impacting their instruction development and ego regard. Students with dyslexia are still being labelled as stupid and lazy. This attitude is besides negatively encroaching on the whole construct of inclusion as it fails to supply the appropriate environment and support for all pupils to larn together.

Tanti Burlo ' , ( 2010 ) notes that `` it has become more and more apparent that the successful inclusion of a kid with disablement, and of all kids at that, depends on the acquisition environment the kids are immersed in '' .

Restrictions of the survey

For this survey purpose observations at place and in the community could non be included due to serious household jobs. Had I been able to detect Joe outside school, it would hold given me greater penetration and information and findings would hold had more strength.

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