The Purpose of Resilience Theory is to Understand The Source of the Role And Change

Last Updated: 13 Feb 2023
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The goal of resilience theory is to comprehend the source of role and change (Redman and Kinzig) and is represented in the panarchy loop. The types of particular change the theory assesses are adjustments and developments, which transform into systems that are adaptive. The transformative and adaptability phases are accomplished in different parts of the loop. An example of the different phases is presented in The Lobster Gangs of Maine. The r phase is where exploitation and growth take place. In this phase, fishermen must allow the lobsters time to grow- which translates to the stability and abundance of lobsters. The r phase must transition to the K phase which is conservation- (conserving the resource).

An example that demonstrates the growth in the human-natural system would be the conservation of lobsters. It is understood that lobsters in Maine are harvested throughout the year. To ensure continued growth and to sustain the resource the fisherman in the k phase must make sure that they throw back the egg-bearing lobsters along with the ones that have not fully matured. In this phase, the lobster is considered the capital and is sequestered to allow time to mature and to continue the growth cycle. The majority of lobsters are captured between the months of June and December when they are most mobile. The Ω phase is known as the collapse or release phase. In the release stage, the fisherman certainly wants to protect their capital and resource. There are many territories that are associated with the lobster gangs. The gangs mark their territory with boundaries.

If outsiders cross the line the gangs will retaliate by demonstrating verbal abuse or sabotaging traps. Some gangs have even blatantly intimidated outsiders to defend their boundaries by throwing objects at them. These tactics have allowed the gangs to maintain and assure their boundaries. The α phase is the phase in that reorganization takes place. In this phase reorganization of boundaries takes place known as the boundary movement. This movement is usually nonviolent and allows outsiders to incrementally encroach the territory and start taking control. An example of this was established in The Lobster Gangs of Maine when the fisherman from Friendship started to increase in numbers. There were former fishermen in the area but since the fishermen from Friendship started to strengthen in numbers caused the original fisherman decreased. The original fisherman stated that the area was polluted

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