The Professional Role Of A Nurse

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THE PROFESSIONAL ROLE OF A NURSE, THE CORE VALUES AND THE ETHICAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE PRACTICE. The outline of this essay will be in six parts, (1) an introduction, (2) the main body which will explore the role of a nurse, (3) conduct and the requirements for the effective delivery of care, (4) responsibilities and work of a nurse , (5) ethical, moral and social care dilemmas, and, (6) the important of team work including working under supervision. According to the NMC code of conduct, (2008) a Nurse must be able to deliver high quality and professional care to patients and clients.

Nursing qualities must include the following: good listening skills, good communication, and implementation plan of care, evaluating, and a good advocate. A nurse must be non judgemental, none discriminating, be patient and, ability to work as a good team worker. A Nurse’s role is to promote healing and be able to comfort the patient and family members. Good listening and communication skills are required in this role. These should include the ability to effectively communicate with other professionals in the carer environment and outside agencies.

They must be passionate about the delivery of carer to the patient. They should be concerned with the overall health and wellbeing of patients both physically and emotionally. NMC code of conduct also states that as a health care professional, you must be accountable for your practice, respect the patient’s privacy and treat them as individuals; therefore you must act to safeguard and promote the interest of clients. A healthcare professional must cultivate a friendly and a helpful relationship at all times in the practice environment.

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Assertiveness and the use of positive body language are part of the core values underpinning good practice of a health care professional. They must have high self esteem and must be non judgemental. The work of the nurse has seen significant changes over the years. The professional role of a nurse has a higher status in today’s world as more of the duties that doctors used to perform have now been delegated to the nurse. The training of the modern nurse thus reflects the additional responsibility placed on them in the way they deliver care.

The role of a nurse must recognise and take into account the Ethical, social and cultural background of patients when delivering care. Most nurses have to deal with ethical and moral issues on a daily basis and have to provide care for all patients regardless of their own values and beliefs. They must also have self-awareness. A professional nurse must also be sensitive to the aged, and respecting their privacy and individuality in the care provision. In conclusion, this essay has looked at the role of the Nurse, core values and principles underpinning ethical health and social care practice REFRENCES;

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