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The Outsiders Critical Lens Essay The quote in question is “All good is destined to be defeated. ” The quote means, for every good guy, there is a bad guy. For every hero, there is a villain. Everyone who has ever tried to do something good has been destined to be stopped. The quote not only speaks for literature, but for everything. If you look from now, all the way back to ancient times, you will see examples of this in many works of literature. The book The Outsiders is a good representation of the quote.

I agree with the quote “All good is destined to be defeated”. I can’t think of any good that hasn’t had an attempt to be stopped. In the story The Outsiders there are many examples of good being defeated. When Johnny went into a burning building to save kids, he ended up getting killed. When Darry was trying to give Ponyboy a better life, he ended up forcing him to run away. When Ponyboy attempted to make friends with Cherry and Marsha, he was jumped by their boyfriends.

These are just a few of examples from the story. I feel that the story The Outsiders really showcased the quote “All good is destined to be defeated. ” It was a story of how fun loving greasers turned to cold blooded killers after a gang of socs continue to attack them with violence. The story builds up to a climax, where there are many nail biting things are happening simultaneously. Johnny kills Cherry’s boyfriend Bob, The greasers are preparing for a big rumble with the socs, and Ponyboy and Johnny run away

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