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The God Must Be Crazy Movie Analysis

The only students there are a crop of rustic and austere people the Bushmen.They lead a simple yet vibrant life in their own “paradise”.However a bottle dropping from the civilized world encroached upon peaceful and complacent family life.

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In the wake Of discovering its various facilities they began to scramble for it to satiate their own needs thus stirring anger jealousy hate and violence. Therefore Xi the first person who had found the bottle decided to throw this evil thing to the end of the world.

In the course of his journey he name across Andrew Steen and Kate Thompson who eventually fell in love with each other. Meanwhile a brutal Samba’s gang was subdued by Mr.. Steen with the help of Xi. It is plausible that this comedy film is sheerer a good expression. This film directly demonstrates its positive and pleasant dimensions to its viewers. Indeed this film is imbued with comic elements. I was amazed when Xi had misgivings about how such a small bottle on the telescope could have a capacity of so many people. I was bursting into laughter the moment Mr..

Steen steered towards the fence which blocked his way and he responded awkwardly in the presence of Mrs.. Thompson trying to pick up the bottles falling from the table. Was giggling when Jack drove away his bus under which lurked Xi and Midi to elude the beast chasing after him. However that is far from enough. It is true that the aesthetic effect of a comedy is laugh which is the part and parcel of the whole movie but it is not the whole story the moral lying behind the laugh is the essence of the comedy. In keeping with Iliad which was composed by Homer a renowned

Greek poet and depicted numerous valiant soldiers on the one hand and conveyed the idea of heroism and humanism inspiring people from generation to generation on the other the film The gods must be crazy has also represented the educational significance of a comedy edifying and reshaping viewers. After watching this film for a second time I come to a deeper understanding of this comedy that the comedy elements are not merely scheduled to create laughter instead they are planned to sing praise for Xi’s primitive and rustic mind to give the thumbs up for Mr..

Stein’s grit and integrity while giving the thumbs down against Jack’s hypocrisy. More importantly I hold that this comedy movie has a social implication for our modern life. Fraught with fierce competition due to the globalization people are progressively deprived of an air of freedom and dedicating themselves to a dreary commitment to mean ambitions or love of comfort. We become desperate social climbers and have devotions to material things. Therefore, bottles-?material things constitute the center rhythm of our life.

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