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The Foundation of Many Black Organizations in American History Month

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Before I begin this little essay of sorts, just wanted to let ylall know that this isn't going to be a grammar perfect, or language perfect essay. Hope you don't mind, but basically this is me venting about all the frustration I have built up in me over the last 15 years. BET black entertainment, EBONY all black magazine, black colleges, black awards shows. This is starting to sound like affirmative blacktion to me. People may say that I sound racist, I don't particularly like all sorts of black people, and I don't like all sorts of white people either. I don't mind having a conversation with a black person who is mature, and cares about how they look in front of other people. To be honest and perfectly blunt, I can tolerate, black people, I just don't like gang banging thugs. I like white people; I just don't like white trash. So I don't think that I'm being racist there.

Lets try this, say that I was a corp. exec for a big television company. I would like for there to be a WET white entertainment, but no, I couldn't have that, why you ask? It's racist is what the average person would tell you. What about an all white magazine, why not a magazine called whitey or something like that? The blacks out there, and the NAACP people would all say, you can't do that, it's racist. How is it racist? Somehow it wouldn't be fair to the black community for us to have an all white network, or an all white magazine. Seems as though when I hear black people discuss black history month, they complain that they get the shortest month of the year to celebrate their culture blah blah blah. I ask them well what about a white history month.

The first thing they tell me is that every month other than February is white history month, so with that I'm assuming that all other networks, and magazines are all white? No! You see blacks, Asians, Mexicans and other types of people on regular TV, and in magazines. When you read EBONY or watch BET you don't see white people in their magazines, or on the TV not even Asians or Mexicans. They just want it all for themselves. All I'm asking for here is a little room for us the white people to try to have our own colleges, our own TV shows, our own magazines to celebrate our heritage. During the Olympic games back in the 70s a black man threw his fist up wearing a black glove black power is what it was for. Nobody really gave to shits about that, but if a white person got up there and said WHITE POWER everyone would go nuts. Blacks get away with a lot of crap in this country and I think that if they get special treatment i.e. affirmative action, NAACP, TV magazines and their own awards shows. Where is the fairness come in. it is very unfair, and it will always be. Thank you for reading my essay.

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